Elektrobit and Airbiquity partner to enable the next generation of over-the-air services for the mobility industry

- Pre-integrated solution makes it easier for OEMs to build software-defined vehicles. - Enables safe and secure OTA updates. - Companies demonstrating joint solution at CES 2023

Elektrobit and Airbiquity® today announced a joint, pre-integrated over-the-air (OTA) solution that will enable the next generation of safe and secure OTA services for the mobility industry. The solution combines Elektrobit‘s in-vehicle OTA update software products with Airbiquity’s multi-ECU OTA software management platform, making it easier for OEMs to source and build an end-to-end OTA system for their vehicle fleets.

OTA software updates drive new business models and revenue streams for OEMs. For example, the global automotive OTA update industry is expected to increase to $23.2 billion by 2028 from $5.9 billion in 20221. With highly complex electrical/electronic (E/E) architectures, regular software updates are necessary. OTA solutions enable carmakers to securely distribute everything from infotainment system features to operating system security patches and ECU updates, as well as new advanced driver assistance features such as cloud-based situational awareness. OTA reduces costs for OEMs while also providing convenience for drivers, as they no longer need to go to a dealership for critical vehicle updates.

The highly-configurable solution is powered by Elektrobit’s EB cadian, which enables OEMs to perform software updates on ECUs and deploy remote software and firmware updates across the entire vehicle platform, and Airbiquity’s OTAmatic® Software Management Platform, which securely orchestrates and automates software update campaigns while also meeting the unique and stringent requirements of the mobility industry. With this joint solution customers can also leverage offerings from the Elektrobit EB corbos product line as foundational software for both Linux and Adaptive AUTOSAR.

“Together with Elektrobit, we’re simplifying OTA and helping OEMs bring their next-gen connected vehicles to market more quickly,” said Kamyar Moinzadeh, president and CEO, Airbiquity. “With this end-to-end solution, OEMs can execute OTA software updates for their vehicles around the world efficiently, reliably and securely.”

“At Elektrobit, we’re laser-focused on enabling the Automotive OS and being the go-to-market partner for solutions that can help our customers achieve their own OS vision,” said Michael Robertson, vice president, head of products and strategy, Elektrobit. “Through this partnership with Airbiquity, we’re working together to provide OEMs with a turnkey OTA offering for future-proofing their next-gen connected vehicles. We’re excited to demonstrate it at CES 2023.”

To schedule a demonstration at CES 2023 email CES2023@elektrobit.com.

About Elektrobit

Elektrobit is an award-winning and visionary global vendor of embedded and connected software products and services for the automotive industry. A leader in automotive software with over 35 years serving the industry, Elektrobit’s software powers over five billion devices in more than 600 million vehicles and offers flexible, innovative solutions for car infrastructure software, connectivity & security, automated driving and related tools, and user experience. Elektrobit is a wholly-owned, independently-operated subsidiary of Continental.

For more information, visit us at elektrobit.com

About Airbiquity

Airbiquity® is a global leader in connected vehicle services and pioneer in the development and engineering of automotive telematics technology. Always at the forefront of automotive innovation, Airbiquity develops the industry’s most advanced connected vehicle software technology and cloud services. Working with Airbiquity, automakers and automotive suppliers have deployed highly scalable, manageable, and secure connected vehicle service programs for millions of vehicles in over 60 countries around the world. Learn more about Airbiquity at www.airbiquity.com or join the conversation @Airbiquity.

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