EMIE Reveals World’s Thinnest and Lightest Foldable Glasses

New glasses are ultra-thin, ultra-light, portable, foldable, and Blue Light blocking

Catering function while bridging design. Glasses are a necessity for many people, and of course, they can be easily damaged or lost. For many middle-aged and elderly people, it is really distressing to find glasses every day. When they accidentally sit on the glasses and the arms are broken, the glasses need to be replaced. But everything will be different with EMIE Extreme Fold Glasses. Fold glasses solve these problems very well.

EMIE Extreme Fold glasses, with EMIE fold technology, can be folded to 2 inches wide and 2.6 inches in length, which can not be surpassed by other normal glasses. In just three seconds, the folded glasses can be easily placed in the front chest pocket, eliminating the need to look for glasses frequently. EMIE Extreme Fold glasses are designed without helical hinges and have withstood 100,000 repeated folding tests. There is no need to worry about glasses being crushed on the seat. A pair of glasses will last a lifetime. EMIE Extreme Fold glasses weigh only 15 grams, and the lightweight design is awesome: no nose pressure, no ear rub, and very convenient. Abandon the previous screw button design and adopt a lightweight silicone design to release nose pressure.

EMIE Extreme Fold glasses also come with a credit card-sized silicone storage bag. The folded glasses can fit right into the special storage bag, which can be hung on the neck or affixed to the back of the phone case to better ensure that the glasses will not be lost (the 3M Nano Gel Sticker can be easily glued to the phone case without leaving a trace). EMIE also provides an additional MagSafe compatible leather case for iPhone for user convenience.

EMIE Extreme Fold Glasses offer UV400, anti-blue light, and presbyopia lenses, using non-polarized lens materials commonly used in high-end prescription glasses, in line with the ophthalmologic standard. Upgraded lenses effectively block harmful sunlight or blue light so the quality of the lenses isn’t a concern.

Only the best materials are chosen for the Extreme Fold.

Only the best design will be used to give the product sincerity and soul.

Only the best products can win people’s favor.

This is what EMIE wants to do, and this is what EMIE has done.


It’s going to launch worldwide very soon. Follow us for the update!


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