A One-Stop Decentralized Apps Platform For All Your Communication Needs

With the world-changing solutions developed by PDL Development OÜ, the company behind the issuance of PadLock token ($PDL), its users can communicate, send files and talk without corporate servers between them. Anyone can send and receive encrypted messages without intermediaries and without having to worry about data leaks or viruses.

PadLock token supports the development of the world’s first decentralized blockchain-based communications and security platform providing secure, end-to-end P2P communication solutions, with no servers between its users, by running on the blockchain. With PadLock, the future of communications is decentralized.

Among others, blockchain technology allows to encrypt the content shared within the platform for users’ privacy and security. The blockchain-based platform encrypts your private conversations, files, and activity, so you’ll never have to worry again about getting hacked.

With PadLock, you avoid viruses and data loss while securing your communications. You can stop private data leaks and unwanted content with its decentralized apps.

Data ownership is secured with smart contracts, and there is no size limit for file transfer. You can send private and secure files wherever you are. When you send a file, it’s encrypted and stored in the blockchain, so there’s no chance of data loss, manipulation or theft. With PadLock only you have access to your data and no one else can own it or use it.

In addition, with their unique ID using smart contracts, you’re able to send documents without the worry of changing networks! First implementation will be for BSC and Ehereum networks, the two most commonly used blockchain networks, with more to come as the platform evolves.

The platform in a nutshell:

• Send instant messages, make voice and video calls, transfer multimedia files and send emails via the blockchain at no cost.

• Zero risk of data leaks, viruses or malicious attacks.

• Users have complete control of their data.

• Unique ID using smart contracts.

• No size limit for file transfer.

Reduction of phone storage requirements.The team behind PadLock token is dedicated to building secure, decentralized communication tools for businesses and individuals through their DApps platform. The project is supported by the issuance of a BEP20 token – PadLock token (ticker: $PDL) – that can be traded at PancakeSwap under contract 0x16eCb992fb60dEF293Dd6023E1F96EA39a73C194.

Blockchain and crypto community may find some of the following token characteristics of their interest:

$PDL is a BEP-20 token.

There’s a max. supply of 60.000.000 $PDL. No burning, no mining.

It can be traded at PancakeSwap, among other DEX.

The token will be used exclusively to support the development of the communications and security DApps and the data package transactions of DApps.

Liquidy is locked till 2030

5% tax in each transaction to be added to LP


Contract audited twice before token launch

The soon-to-be-released platform financed by the token issuance and trading offers decentralized communications solutions that are easy-to-use and provide enhanced security over traditional systems in order to protect your data and privacy. Once released, it will be available in open-source code for the community to help improve its functionalities.

Keep your data private from corporate servers, viruses, and hijacking with the blockchain-based PadLock Dapp platform. Stay protected online with this decentralized communications solution and become part of a solid project that will revolutionize the communications ecosystem in the short and the long term. Get the power of trustless, decentralized security with PadLock Token’s project, DApps solutions!

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Country: Estonia
Website: https://padlocktoken.io/

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