Everest Rehabilitation Hospitals Announces Medical Patient Transportation Services

Everest Rehabilitation Hospitals announces medical transportation services for its’ patients; something that is very unique for Inpatient Physical Rehabilitation Hospitals.

Everest Rehabilitation Hospitals, LLC announces the launch of their medical transportation services at all Everest Rehabilitation Hospital locations. This exciting news comes as an additional solution to providing outstanding quality medical service to Everest patients at the start of the healing process. “At Everest, we pride ourselves on providing the best care possible to all our patients. We saw a huge gap in quality with outsourced medical transportation services. Bringing controlled in-house medical transportation services to our referring hospitals and our patients helps ensure they receive the highest quality care as soon as they are in our hands.” Jay Quintana, Everest Rehabilitation’s CEO said. The private medical transportation vehicles are exclusively used for Everest patients.

Everest Rehabilitation Hospitals has acquired luxury state-of-the-art transportation vehicles and customized them to benefit their patients. The vehicles provide a smooth, private and safe ride with top-of-the-line comfort and have been customized to be rear entry accessible for patients in wheelchairs. Each van is branded with Everest’s signature blue logo and mountains; everyone will know when they are coming and going.

Patients and families can expect five-star service from all Everest drivers just as they have come to expect from Everest Rehabilitation Hospital staff. Professional drivers will be available to assist all passengers during their transportation to and from Everest locations. “We are thrilled to service the community with professional drivers for all patients!” said Jay Quintana. “This is another way we will ease the transition to our Physical Rehabilitation Hospital during what can be a very stressful time for patients and their families.”

Everest Rehabilitation Hospitals include a comprehensive and interdisciplinary physician-led experienced team of rehabilitation therapists focused on increasing patient strength and endurance and improving quality of life in a modern, state of the art setting.

About Everest Rehabilitation Hospitals, LLC

Everest Rehabilitation Hospitals LLC, based in Dallas, Texas, is a multispecialty acute care physical rehabilitation hospital company focused on providing high quality, physical rehabilitation care. Everest is passionate about patient care; striving to create healing and nurturing environments for all patients that not only meet their medical needs but address their emotional and social needs as well. Patients are guided through the necessary steps to reclaim daily life, recover function, and return to an optimal quality of life by combining the latest treatments, technologies, and research with a unique interdisciplinary team approach involving the patient and family from day one. Everest provides the highest level of care available to patients with disabilities caused by injuries or illnesses, or from traumatic accidents.


Jay Quintana, CEO/ Co-Founder


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