Everest Rehabilitation Hospitals Announces Release of New Proprietary Software, OptimaFlow™

Everest Rehabilitation Hospitals increases efficiency by leveraging their proprietary patient referral / admission optimization software.

Everest Rehabilitation Hospitals, LLC, an influential and fast-growing leader in the healthcare industry known for its unmatched inpatient physical rehabilitation patient care, announced today the release of its proprietary patient referral admission optimization software, OptimaFlow™.

As Everest Rehabilitation Hospitals, LLC continues to grow exponentially, Everest’s patient focused approach revealed an opportunity for industry-wide rehabilitation hospital improvements with specialized technology. Organizing and maintaining the ever-growing patient referral process and metrics can be a logistic challenge. Keeping up with the demand for optimal patient care, one of Everest’s founders has a long history of successfully providing strategic software solutions and has created a groundbreaking software solution: OptimaFlow™.

OptimaFlow™ leverages its technology to deploy a targeted streamlined patient referral and management system. Hospitals that utilize OptimaFlow™ acquire more patient referrals and convert those referrals to admissions at a higher rate, providing full transparency and metrics to management. This is entirely implemented with less staff “touch” while providing complete visibility and gaining direct insight into market dynamics. OptimaFlow™ is a HIPAA compliant software used by hospital liaisons and management teams to streamline the process of managing patient referrals and converting those referrals to admits while effectively directing time and tasks of hospital staff.

“Utilizing our customized software not only increases efficient productivity for our staff, it also increases visibility across multiple hospital locations” Jay Quintana, Everest Rehabilitation’s CEO said. “Engaging with this technology allows our hospital staff to streamline the patient referral process as well as maximize their time efficiency. To name a few features, the user-friendly software allows us to hone in on:

  • Payer Data Management: Knowledge is power and now we have a deep historical database of both commercial and Medicare Payor acceptance and denials.
  • Transparency: Now management is keenly aware of the hourly marketing team activities and action items each day. Now we know when and how our referring hospitals are being helped each day.
  • Speed: By automating the referral to admit conversion process in real time we now have the ability to admit patients faster and begin treating them quicker.
  • Text Notifications: With text notifications, we are able to instantly manage patient admittance, discharge, denial and specialty need information.”

About Everest Rehabilitation Hospitals, LLC

Everest Rehabilitation Hospitals LLC, based in Dallas, Texas, is a multispecialty acute care physical rehabilitation hospital company focused on providing high quality, physical rehabilitation care. Everest is passionate about patient care; striving to create healing and nurturing environments for all patients that not only meet their medical needs but address their emotional and social needs as well. Patients are guided through the necessary steps to reclaim daily life, recover function, and return to an optimal quality of life by combining the latest treatments, technologies, and research with a unique interdisciplinary team approach involving the patient and family from day one. Everest provides the highest level of care available to patients with disabilities caused by injuries or illnesses, or from traumatic accidents.


Jay Quintana, CEO/ Co-Founder


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