Expanding Market: Reon Adds New Range Of Products To Its Amazon List

A Japan-based company, Reon has launched a new brand of products designed for maintenance of aquariums and home use. 

The company, which is well known for exporting Japanese products, is now looking forward to expanding its reach and customer base by promoting the development of private brands and original products. 

Top in the list of Reon products is the Reon Aquarium Tweezers that come with extra long handles and Stainless Steel for handling aquatic fish plants. 

The tweezers are designed with a tapered tip that is suitable for installing water plants in narrow spaces and also allows one to make the layout they want in the aquarium. 

Besides, it comes in a small size suitable for children and can be used for long without getting tired. 

Photo: Reon Aquarium Tweezers

The other product is the Reon Aquatics Plant Weight Anchors, which are designed to prevent water plants from floating and instead give it a straight-up erection.

To use the anchors, all that one needs is to attach the anchor to the base of the water plant, pick it up with tweezers, and insert it into the soil. 

This prevents the plant from floating up and holds it firmly in place as if it were rooted in the soil, eliminating the stress of water currents and shrimp messing with the plant.

Apart from preventing the water plant from floating, the anchor contains nutrients that the water plants need after they are planted. 

This helps the plant by acting as a temporary root for until it grows roots, preventing it from floating away due to buoyancy and water flow, while providing the water plant with the nutrients it needs.

Third in the latest list of Reon products is the Reon Hand Pump Bottle which comes with a dispenser to ensure you achieve maximum cleanliness by not having to bend it over for liquid supply. 

The bottle can be used conveniently without transferring germs from one person to another and is easy to use by both adults and children. 

It has a push part, which is used to supply the liquid to both the nozzle and the push part; hence one is able to maintain their hands clean without the struggle of opening and closing the bottle.

The bottle was designed in the middle of the pandemic and can be used anywhere, be it at home or in supermarkets where so many people run the risk of transferring bacteria to one another when they open and close the same bottle.

Photo: Reon Hand Pump Bottle 

The fourth latest product by the Japan-based company is the Reon Aquarium Purifier Rock Stone Décor. 

To achieve its high quality status, the stone is handmade by powdering the raw material of “Senmai-stone”, a high-grade natural stone from Japan, which was formed through repeated decomposition and condensation over hundreds of millions of years.

Before using the stone, it is recommended that one rinse it slightly with water and putting it in a tank to make the water suitable for keeping goldfish and shrimp. 

The recommended amount is one per 10 to 20 liters (338 to 676 Floz)of water.”

Photo: Aquarium Purifier Rock Stone Decor

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