Experts’ Top Tips for Designing a Pergola

Pergolas have long been a staple of many Australian backyards. Not only do they add a beautiful aesthetic quality to an outdoor setting, but they also provide a bit of privacy and some much-needed shade from the strong Aussie sun.

When planning to install a pergola, homeowners should think carefully about where they want the pergola constructed and how it will need to be positioned. Softwoods points out that a pergola situated right next to the backdoor can create a beautiful continuity between indoors and outdoors; one further back in the garden will provide a secondary place to sit and socialise in the backyard; and a pergola built next to a pool allows for a shaded, relaxing spot to eat or supervise swimmers. Softwoods also recommends a north facing pergola, if possible; this will allow for shade during the summer months while still letting in sunlight in the winter.

Softwoods explains that a good pergola will be both stylish and functional. The building experts urge homeowners to design a pergola according to their own personal taste; pergolas can be made to look classic, modern, colourful, neutral, dramatic, pared back – they are extremely customisable. Although they can be constructed using timber or metal, Softwoods reveals that timber pergolas can be more easily tailored to a homeowner’s tastes and will not rust or expand on high temperature days. If the home is near a beach, timber is a more viable option as it is more resistant to sand and salt than metal is. Softwoods also advise homeowners in sunnier, hotter climates to paint their pergolas and use treated pine so that their structure is less susceptible to sun and heat damage over time.

No matter a homeowner’s needs or design style, Softwoods is equipped with the knowledge and skills to build a beautiful, practical pergola for any home. Contact them today for more information or to get started on a project.

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