Eyeglasses.com Weighs the Extra Expense of Eyewear Lens Coatings

Buying glasses used to be as easy as procuring a prescription and a pair of frames; these days retailers are offering pricey add-ons to enhance the visual experience. Eyeglasses.com Founder/CEO Mark S. Agnew advises that for those on an eyewear budget, ‘know before you go’.

“Lens coatings can make your glasses better and more functional, or they can be an unnecessary expense that you don’t need,” says Agnew. “Consider your daily lifestyle, then do a little research based on what will work best for you personally.”

Anti-reflective lens coating reduces glare and eliminates reflections on both front and back of the lens so more light can pass through – making the lens seem almost invisible. This coating is ideal for night driving and diminishes the ‘halo effect’.

UV lens coating blocks the harmful UV radiation (UVA & UVB rays) from entering the eyes, protecting against future age-related problems like cataracts, retinal damage and macular degeneration.

Scratch-resistant coating hardens and protects the front and back surfaces of the lenses, creating a strong buffer against nicks and dings and greater long-term durability for the wearer. All lenses should have this coating, and you should not pay extra for it.

Anti-fog coating is ideal for people who often wear masks, live in cold climates (then come indoors to warm air) or play sports. The thin coating eliminates moisture and condensation that causes fogging and inability to see clearly.

Photochromic coating causes a chemical change when exposed to ultraviolet light, turning the lenses darker for a sunglass effect. For light-sensitive folks who don’t want to carry two pairs of glasses for indoors and outdoors, this 100% UV light-protecting coating is the perfect plan.

“Talk to your eye doctor for recommendations about lenses and frames that are right for you, shop around and compare for a better deal and check to see if the lenses you’ve bought already come with these coatings,” adds Agnew. “Once you’ve looked at the pros and cons yourself, you’ll ultimately be in a better position to see clearly.”

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Mark S. Agnew is the CEO and founder of Eyeglasses.com, a leader in the online consumer eyewear business. Since 1999, Agnew pioneered online retailing by being the first eyewear company with a virtual try-on application, earning two patents which were later sold to Luxottica Corporation.

Agnew has long been a consumer advocate, leaving a successful Wall Street career to develop Eyeglasses.com, which sells high-quality eyewear to customers for half of the price normally charged by optical stores. As an expert in the eyewear industry, he is the author of the Eyeglasses Buying Guide: How to Pay Less and Get More, which offers advice and information to all eyeglass consumers, offline and online.

Founded on the principal of helping others, Eyeglasses.com has continued to evolve its charity program and in 2019 launched PiWear to literally make blind people see again. For every pair of PiWear sold, Eyeglasses.com funds a cataract surgery in India. This effort has earned Agnew wide-ranging media coverage in the press.

Prior to founding Eyeglasses.com, Agnew was Director of Fixed Income Research and Vice President at Lehman Brothers, and before that as Managing Director at Bear Stearns. Agnew started his Wall Street career at Drexel Burnham Lambert, but denies all responsibility for the demise of those three companies. Institutional Investor Magazine recognized Agnew as a top analyst for his investment research, which numbered in the thousands of pages during his ten years on Wall Street.

Agnew earned his MBA at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business, and a BA in Art History from Vassar College. He is an active Rotarian, was a board member of the Westport-Weston Chamber of Commerce and is active in local charities.



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