Fellaz, an NFT Platform for Entertainment 3.0, Signs a Partnership Agreement With FSN-Hand Studio, With Hand Studio’s Sunmiya Club Gearing Up to Expand Its Community

Fellaz, a web3 NFT platform for entertainment 3.0, announced on April 15 that it will sign a partnership with a KOSDAQ listed company FSN and its subsidiary Hand Studio through Star X Ventures, a blockchain accelerator. Based on this partnership, Fellaz plans to help expand the ecosystem of FSN-Hand Studio’s booming NFT project Sunmiya Club alongside designing and managing related cryptocurrency assets and token economy.

Fellaz is a web3 NFT platform for the next generation of the entertainment business. Coined as entertainment 3.0, Fellaz aims to establish a web3 paradigm for the entertainment business where new value is created for creators and fans alike by incentivizing autonomous participation in building the brand while allowing fans to have ownership over the brand entity as its stakeholders using blockchain technology and NFTs, in particular.

Fellaz is collaborating with major global record labels and production companies alongside preparing to launch its very own NFT launchpad with the aim of innovating the NFT landscape while offering an incubation service for existing NFT communities to help secure a viable business model for sustained value retention. Fellaz is currently preparing to launch its own NFT collection of meta idols in collaboration with Fantagio, a listed company, and a South Korean entertainment powerhouse.

In February, FSN-Hand Studio launched Sunmiya Club, a celebrity-based PFP NFT project, with the motif of popular K-pop musician Sunmi. Sunmiya Club is not only the first PFP NFT project for a female K-pop artist in Korea it has established itself as one of the representative NFT projects in Korea by showcasing a new fandom model and utility for PFP NFTs where fans are given exclusive privileges through the ownership of the NFTs. Sunmiya Club is also actively expanding its ecosystem through engaging in AMA sessions with the NFT holders and fans. 

Howard Lee, Director of Fellaz, said, “As Fellaz possesses every necessary solution and technology that meets the demands of the entertainment industry, we expect to see continued success with FSN-Hand Studio’s Sunmiya Club as an iconic entertainment NFT project not just in Korea but within the global market.”

Meanwhile, Fellaz participated in World Blockchain Summit and ETHDubai, two global blockchain events held in Dubai last month, as a premium sponsor, drawing attention as an entertainment 3.0 platform service. Fellaz is among the first projects Star X Ventures, a blockchain accelerator, is focusing on. 

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