Fimi Market Inc. Announces Fee Structure For Upcoming NFT Marketplace

Sellers who elect to receive payment in the native FIMI token will enjoy 20% back on their sales

Fimi Market Inc., an emerging tech company developing a multi-chain NFT (Non-Fungible Token) marketplace scheduled for release this quarter is announcing its fee structure for artists and creatives.

Currently, competitors in the market charge a minimum of 2.5% for all sales. Fimi Market Inc. will have a standard rate sales fee of 2.25%. “We intend to be competitive on different fronts,” said Miguel Adwin, CEO of Fimi Market Inc. “Offering multi-chain minting options is only one facet of why we believe we will thrive in this space. Reducing transaction fees for sellers helps onboard new people while allowing holders of the utility token to vote on which artist or collection gets featured is something unique to Fimi,” he continued.

The $FIMI utility token is native to the marketplace and provides holders with benefits while using the platform. Sellers who elect to receive $FIMI as payment for their sales will also enjoy 20% of their sales fees returned to them at the end of each month payable in the $FIMI token. This amount is calculated at the time of the individual sale further reducing the sales fee to an industry low 1.8%.

An open marketplace for buyers and sellers from all corners of the globe, the Fimi NFT Marketplace intends to be a platform that showcases talent and celebrates diversity in art through culture. “There are incredible artists around the world who either don’t have access to this space or are unaware of how to participate. We not only want to give them a platform to show and sell their works, but help them offramp and be able to use the funds they’ve acquired from their sales,” added Adwin.

Fimi Market Inc. has recruited a number of artists to showcase and sell their work on the Fimi NFT Marketplace ahead of launch. Artists who sign with the marketplace are called Genesis Artists. Announcements of the signings have been made steadily via the company’s official Twitter account and include renowned Jamaican filmmaker Ras Kassa, South African nature photographer and videographer Steven Brooks who has worked with Disney, National Geographic, Netflix and the BBC, and incredible visual and digital artists from around the world.

Fimi NFT Marketplace launches later this quarter and plans on announcing more milestones that help artists thrive in the NFT space. The FIMI utility token is available on the Stellar Decentralized Exchange (SDEX) and BitMart.

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