FixDoneNow, Inc. Launches Platform to Quickly Complete Home Improvement Jobs

Modern Home Painting and Remodeling for Home Owners and Real Estate Agents

On demand service provider FixDoneNow proudly announces the launch of their platform in select markets to allow homeowners to quickly and efficiently book a contractor to complete basic home improvement jobs.

According to a 2020 study, 31% of homeowners who remodeled their homes ended their projects over budget (Source: 2020 U.S. Houzz & Home) and the biggest challenge for homeowners is to find contractors quickly and efficiently. Similar to other on-demand services for driving, vacation homes, or food, FixDoneNow offers a way to seamlessly request a service from an online device knowing that their service can be fulfilled quickly and efficiently.

FixDoneNow allows homeowners to describe their task using an online wizard that allows the homeowner to provide a series of photos and descriptions. From there, FixDoneNow provides the homeowner with a fixed cost estimate and then provides a pre-screened contractor to complete the work. In addition, FixDoneNow handles all payments through its escrow service so that both the contractor and homeowner can work together in confidence.

“Homeowners have been greatly challenged to find quality contractors and suffer a lot of frustration with cost overruns, reliability and quality,” said Aaron Armentrout, founder of FixDoneNow.  “As someone who has worked with hundreds of homeowners, I knew there had to be a better way to coordinate work being done. Our goal is to be known as the Uber of home improvement contractors, where you really don’t have to think twice about getting that wall painted or deck repaired.”

FixDoneNow prescreens all contractors through live interviews, background checks and skills assessments quizzes to ensure that homeowners receive quality work. In addition, the implementation of payment escrow and reviews ensures that contractors have incentive to maintain a reputation of excellence.

The FixDoneNow platform is currently available in the Kansas and Missouri markets but will be offered in 10 additional markets in the coming months. They are looking to add cities by demand of customers’ needs. Customers that have a hard time getting estimates for projects or getting the projects done are recommended to sign-up so they can move to those cities quickly.

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