FlipBuilder Releases a Digital Textbook Maker for Interactive Learning

The software allows educators to include videos, image illustrations, animations, and other media elements into textbooks for interactivity.

Hong Kong, China, July 22nd, 2022 – FlipBuilder has launched a digital textbook maker named Flip PDF Plus Pro to help educationists simplify teaching and learning processes. The textbook maker helps explain concepts easily using visual elements like diagrams, charts, videos, graphic illustrations, animations, and more. Images in textbooks can be enlarged to allow students to zoom in for clearer details. With digital textbooks, students can enjoy interactive sessions while learning at their own pace. The content size can also be adjusted for the students and teachers to make annotations.

This digital textbook maker is an effective tool for enhancing teaching and learning. With these textbooks, students take responsibility for their learning without waiting for teacher instructions. Teachers have an easy time because students can take part in the learning process and do the exercises and quizzes based on the lessons they just studied. Teachers prepare great lessons that include reference resources through links to help students access additional learning materials without searching for them directly from the internet.

“Using our digital textbook maker, authors can meet all the learning styles of the students who learn better through visuals,” says Ken Glenn, the CMO of FlipBuilder. Educators can incorporate collaborative learning and additional resources into the digital textbook experiences to make sessions more interesting for the students. They can make the publications navigable by incorporating familiar navigation tools such as table of contents, pate numbers, and indexes. Students can use these to find topics faster.”

Flip PDF Plus Pro ensures the textbook content is always updated. Teachers can update or modify content anytime to provide students with fresh content. Their digital format ensures no loss of study material since all the content is stored in the cloud. Flip PDF Plus Pro gives teachers permanent access to their content. They can add new material to the textbooks or update them according to the syllabus. There is no need to wait until the academic year ends to provide students with updated content.

The greatest advantage of the digital textbook maker is that it helps promote communication among students through virtual discussions or online forums. Learners can form study groups on educational platforms to share or discuss certain topics or collaborate with teachers on lessons.

To get further information about this digital textbook maker, visit FlipBuilder.

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