Fog Works Launches Foggie, World’s First All-in-One Web3 Virtual Appliance

Service Accelerates IPFS Pinning and Makes Decentralized Storage, Mining, and dApp Serving Easy for Web3 Consumers

SUNNYVALE, Calif. November 22, 2022 – Fog Works, a Web3 device and application company, today launched its first major product, Foggie, the world’s first all-in-one Web3 virtual appliance. Foggie combines a host of Web3 functionality to create tangible, real-world benefits for developers and consumers alike, and promises to be an essential Web3 on-ramp for Web2 consumers.

“We’re very excited about Foggie,” said Xinglu Lin, CEO of Fog Works. “We believe consumers are the best custodians of their own data. Foggie is really the first product to deliver true value to everyday consumers, including both Web3 early adopters and Web2 consumers who are eager to start benefiting from Web3.”

Excitement has been building around the promise of Web3, the next iteration of the internet that uses blockchain technology to achieve decentralization and enable digital ownership. Few Web3 applications, however, have delivered meaningful value to everyday consumers. This changes with Foggie, the first product available from Fog Works.

“We believe consumers are the best custodians of their own data. Foggie is really the first product to deliver true value to everyday consumers, including both Web3 early adopters and Web2 consumers who are eager to start benefiting from Web3,” said Xinglu Lin, CEO of Fog Works.

Foggie is a virtual appliance that enables users to:

  •     Accelerate their IPFS content: For Web3 developers or NFT collectors who already have content stored on IPFS (or are planning to store data or content on IPFS), Foggie is a next generation IFPS pinning service that accelerates the delivery of IPFS content. For content already stored in IPFS, users simply need to input IPFS URLs into Foggie. Those URLs will automatically be pinned and accelerated, and do not need to be altered. New content can be uploaded to Foggie, and IPFS URLs (or even faster URLs) can be generated.
  •     Store their data and back it up in a fully decentralized manner: Like a cloud drive, Foggie can store digital photos, video, and art. It can also automatically and securely back-up data onto other Foggies (not to a third party cloud), protecting data from catastrophic loss while protecting privacy.
  •     Reliably serve content: Foggie can serve content like a web server. Owners can publish a unique URL to share a file on their Foggie, either only to people they share the URL with, or to the general public. Unlike other Web2 web servers, however, Foggie uses the power of the blockchain to make its URLs unblockable/uncensorable. Additionally, the Foggie network automatically detects high demand content and copies files to other Foggies, improving availability and speed of content delivery.
  •     Effortlessly own, merchandise, and sell their digital assets: Foggie customers will be recorded as the creator of any unique content stored to their Foggie instance. They will then be able to mint NFTs without any gas fees, and then market and sell their digital assets in a truly decentralized marketplace.
  •     Serve dApps and store data generated by dApps: Foggie customers can download and save decentralized applications – or dApps – to their Foggie. Those dApps can then run on Foggie and save generated data directly to Foggie (as opposed to a third party cloud). Downloaded dApps cannot be deactivated and are usable by Foggie customers as long as their Foggie remains active.
  •     Earn crypto rewards: Foggie customers can rent out idle storage on their Foggie, enabling them to passively earn crypto rewards even while they sleep.

Foggie is the only service that fully leverages CYFS, a next-generation Web3 protocol that enables the complete decentralization of applications and completely replaces HTTP, TCP/IP, and DNS. Foggie also leverages the Datamall Chain, a blockchain that creates an efficient marketplace for decentralized storage, and the Datamall Coin ($DMC), a token that reflects the true value of decentralized storage.

Foggie will be sold via monthly subscriptions starting at $14.99 per month and will include vCPU, dedicated RAM, Web3 data storage, and Web3 dApps. Foggie will be available to customers worldwide on Friday, November 25th. For more information about Foggie, visit

About Fog Works

Fog Works, formerly known as W3 Storage Lab, is a Web3 decentralized application and device company headquartered in Sunnyvale, CA with operations around the world. Its mission is to leverage the power of Web3 to help people manage, protect, and control their own data. Fog Works is led by an executive team with a highly unique blend of P2P networking experience, blockchain expertise, and entrepreneurship. It is funded by Draper Dragon Fund, OKX Blockdream Ventures, Lingfeng Capital, and other investors. For more information, visit

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