Forbes Names Insightful as Top Employee Monitoring Software of 2022

Forbes selected Insightful as the best employee monitoring software for privacy and promoting transparency from dozens of platforms.

Top-rated employee monitoring software Insightful has been ranked no.1 for transparency from a field of dozens of employee monitoring software solutions by leading publication Forbes.

At a time when privacy is more important than ever, Forbes ranked Insightful no.1 for protecting employee privacy in its Best Employee Monitoring Software Of 2022 list.

Forbes also singled out Insightful for recognition due to its market-leading data controls, which give employees more control of their data and allow companies to share productivity data with their employees.

Key Details:

  • Forbes has ranked Insightful as the best employee monitoring software for promoting transparency.
  • Forbes recognized Insightful as the best choice for employee privacy.
  • Forbes evaluated dozens of employee monitoring software platforms by price, ease of use and functionality to narrow down the best for 2022.

Meeting the Demand for Privacy and Transparency

Insightful has long been ahead of the curve when it comes to privacy and transparency, which have both been key pillars of the company’s employee monitoring software since inception in 2016.

Insightful founder and CEO Ivan Petrovic said privacy and transparency are top priorities for most companies in the modern, digital work environment.

“In today’s increasingly digital world, privacy and transparency have never been so important,” Mr. Petrovic said.

“We’ve made privacy and transparency central to our product from day one because this breeds trust between companies and employees. That said, there’s a fine line when it comes to privacy and transparency, which we successfully navigate by involving employees in the whole process – something other solutions don’t do.

“Today, we’re seeing more and more companies come to us with privacy top of mind, and because our product has been built with a privacy-first mindset from the ground up, we’re able to deliver on their needs.”

Why Forbes Selected Insightful

Forbes compiled their top employee monitoring software list based on the growing need companies have for this software due to the rise of remote work. Forbes noted that employee monitoring software enables companies to maintain accountability, track productivity and evaluate efficiency from anywhere.

“Insightful offers the best choice for employee privacy,” Forbes contributor Jennifer Simonson said.

“The software uses both visible and stealth modes. Visible mode gives employees more control over the exposure of their data. Companies can promote accountability by sharing detailed productivity reports with their employees.”

Simonson continued that Insightful is the best choice for companies that want to promote transparency and give employees control over their data.

Forbes identified six major pros for selecting Insightful, including:

  • Free 7-day trial and low-cost paid plans
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Time and attendance tracking
  • Monthly and annual plans
  • Uses both visible and stealth mode
  • Live support for all plans

About Insightful

Trusted by 2,100+ global brands and used by 130,000+ people daily, Insightful’s software for employee monitoring helps manage and boost productivity, improve workflows, and support employee wellbeing. Features include an employee tracker, automatic time tracking, remote working software, and so much more.

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