Frank De-Levi Discusses Home Health Care Amid COVID-19 Pandemic, Self-Care, and More with Kivo Daily

As an entrepreneur, Frank De-Levi understands the struggles many businesses are facing amid the global COVID-19 pandemic. In a recent interview with media conglomerate, Kivo Daily, Frank discusses his best pieces of advice for tackling these new challenges head-on while making time to appreciate the good things in life. From the minor changes to his daily routine to the mounting pressure he faces at work, Frank provides tips and tricks for staying on top of work, caring for others, and adjusting to current circumstances.

Despite new challenges facing the healthcare industry, Frank shares with Kivo Daily his philosophy for appreciating every moment. After all, he says, nothing is permanent-even the good things! That’s why it’s important to plan for the future while still living in the moment and taking time to care for oneself as well as others, Frank explains.

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Kivo Daily is a global digital media company that caters to business-savvy individuals, entrepreneurs, and industry innovators. Their content focuses on thought leaders in the areas of business and technology. Frank De-Levi’s contribution highlights the health care industry as a growing area of opportunity for new and established businesses to better the lives of Americans across the country. Through compassionate, personalized home health care, Frank De-Levi and HomeAssist Home Health Services are at the forefront of the industry’s future in uncertain times.

About Frank De-Levi

Frank De-Levi is the co-founder of HomeAssist Home Health Services. Alongside his wife, Kristina De-Levi, Frank puts his clients’ health and safety above all else. Inspired by personal experiences with home health care services, Frank and Kristina started their journey in the industry with the goal of providing safe, reliable, and individualized care for those in need at an affordable price. In his interview, Frank reveals how he is handling increased demand for home-based services now that other models of care carry additional risks as the pandemic continues indefinitely.

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