Fukami Umeten Releases New UMEBOSHI Products

Fukami Umeten has been in the food processing industry, holding up the UMEBOSHI brand. The UMEBOSHI plums brand now involves fermented or pickled plum products, which are becoming a new trend in the market.

Top of the list is the Organic Japanese Salty UMEBOSHI plums spice.

The salty UMEBOSHI plums come with a Red Shiso, a Japanese herb with many health benefits. 

The plums used to manufacture the product are organically grown and processed without synthetic compounds, chemical fertilizers, or pesticides. They are made from organic veggies and fresh ingredients, making them optimally healthy.

The Red Shiso Japanese herb has been associated with many health benefits. It contains compounds that give it anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, and antibacterial characteristics.

The spice’s ingredients also contain high calcium and carotene levels essential for respiratory tract health and asthmatic patients, improve immunity, and ease digestion.

The Shiso plum is additive-free and can be used with all kinds of gourmet dishes.

 Photos: Organic Japanese Umeboshi salty plums

The second product is the Organic Japanese UMEBOSHI Plums paste.

The UMEBOSHI Plums paste is 100% Kishu and the only ume with 20% salt content.

The UMEBOSHI dried plum is sour and juicy, and it could be used in ume sushi rolls or as a topping. The sour and refreshing taste is perfect for garnishing dishes. 

The UMEBOSHI plums paste has its original ingredients preserved; hence no need for desalting the plums. It also uses organic plum vinegar, making it allergy-friendly.

Photo: Umeboshi plum paste

The third product from Fukami Umeten is the UMEBOSHI plums vinegar which is a tart, salty, festive condiment with a revitalizing taste. 

The UMEBOSHI plum vinegar is used as an ingredient and seasoning in Japanese recipes, used to enliven salad dressings, pickles, marinades, beverages, and vegetables.

Plum vinegar is a natural source of antioxidants essential in reducing uric acid levels and treating gout problems.

Photo: Umeboshi plums vinegar

Additionally, Fukami has also launched the UMEBOSHI Shiso flakes with the red shiso flakes as a familiar ingredient in furikake seasonings, meant to be sprinkled over rice or mixed into onigiri (rice balls), fish, pasta, et cetera.

The organic Shiso (Operilla Frutescens) is cultivated in Wakayama, Japan. The leaves are dried by highlighting their color and intense flavor, and then mixed with organic plum vinegar and salt.

The flakes also contain generous amounts of calcium and iron, making them healthy toppings for salads and seasoning for soups and stews. 

The herb is rich in vitamin A, giving it anticancer properties.

Photo: Umeboshi shiso flakes

Fukami’s UMEBOSHI Plum Flakes, popularly known as Ume flakes, is the seasoning product line made with Kumano acid ume plums, giving them a crispy feel.

In plum tree wood barrels, the plums are mixed with salt and macerated for three years. 

The extended maturity period unveils the flavor and umami of the plums, after which they are frozen and dried before forming into crispy flakes. 

The UMEBOSHI flakes are a great source of polyphenols, which boost calcium absorption, lower blood pressure, and minimize the risk for diabetes.

Photo: Umeboshi plum flakes

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