Full Steam Ahead! Calamus Enterprises Expands to Philadelphia to Help Other Businesses Back to Normal

I promised myself not to begin yet another article with the tired phrase ´´in these trouble times…” because I am soooo over it. I am officially done with the doom and gloom scenarios. Life must go on and luckily, in many states life has returned to normal. Annus horribilis will be mentioned only because Calamus-Enterprises.com has done the impossible – a small, privately owned business; started by a legal immigrant from Estonia – not only managed to survive 2020 but is indeed thriving!
Such a miracle prompted me to dig deeper and ask the founder and owner Mike Calamus directly what exactly is his recipe for success. The answer was very boring: hard work. As in roll up your own sleeves, pitch in, keep your promises, treat clients with honesty and respect, blaah blaah… All the typical old-world traditional values. No gimmicks, no glitzy marketing campaigns, no cutting corners. Just good old hard work and dedication. No humanoid robot workers, no digital apps – just a dedicated well-trained crew of mere mortals.
Apparently competitive salaries and the health and safety of CE technicians are paramount to the company. This ensures minimum turn-over of workers, thus providing a loyal and experienced crew that stands by their work. What a crazy concept!

This strategy has earned Calamus Enterprises a most impressive client list: The White House complex, many federal buildings, army bases, major hotel, and restaurant chains, etc. Obviously, this means all employees have been properly vetted and even have security clearance to be entrusted with entering such important job sites.
Calamus Enterprise’s headquarters is in Maryland but they offer services from coast to coast. How is this possible? Verified positive reviews and recommendations from happy customers have made it possible for Calamus-Enterprises.com to expand its operations exponentially. Constant expansion means that Calamus Enterprises offers franchising opportunities. All local franchises in various states are owner-operated. This guarantees that the owner or manager is always personally involved hands-on (cleaning and supervising) on all job-sites; ensuring high standards. Make no mistake – Mike Calamus still keeps an eye on every operation via telecommunications, as all jobs are logged into a central database. This enables him to monitor appointments, proper documentation for materials and costs; and most importantly – client satisfaction.

The latest territory is Philadelphia metro area, New Jersey and Delaware, where CE offers their expert steam cleaning service. They specialize in 100% deep cleaning; meaning they do not provide routine end-of-the-day clean-ups but specialize in various deep cleaning procedures of ranges, ovens, deep-fryers, hood vents, etc to ensure passing all Fire and Health & Food inspections. Only the superior quality chemicals, professional equipment, and most effective cleaning methods are used in all their operations to maximize the outcome while minimizing the impact on the environment.
Mike Calamus had the foresight to implement virus and bacteria control methods in their cleaning protocol already years before 2020, prompted by combating MRSA, SARS, etc in hospitals. Now that many restaurants are able to open up after long Covid lock-downs, it is reassuring to have the services of a company that effective.

News story by written by Ave Maria Blithe, Independent journalist

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SOURCE: Calamus Enterprises LLC

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