Fundamental Capital Rebrands to Nexi

Business Move Marks Evolution of Responsible Financing for Small Businesses Nationwide

Today, Fundamental Capital—an alternative Responsible Financing company for ambitious small businesses across all industries in the USA—announced the launch of its new identity, Nexi.

This rebrand marks an evolution in more ways than one. It signals a new era for the already-established company and will serve as a springboard for reaching more brokers and merchants than ever before via Nexi’s fast and flexible funding solutions.

“Nexi continues to revolutionize the alternative funding world, building on the legacy of Fundamental Capital while helping small businesses thrive like never before,” said Lawrence Pross, Founder and CEO of Nexi. “Put simply, Nexi is different than other funders, and our new brand reflects those key differences while better positioning us as a truly forward-thinking leader in the small business lending industry.”

An alternative funder with a unique approach to financing small businesses, Nexi focuses on developing long-term relationships with brokers and merchants, providing same-day approvals, and servicing industries of all types—even in states some lenders have recently abandoned.

Nexi also proudly announced an exclusive partnership with an SEC-registered Hedge Fund. Lawrence Pross will serve as Chief Operating Officer of “The Fund,” and Nexi Head Underwriter Leon Rozenfeld will join The Fund as Managing Partner and Chief Investment Officer. With NO capital limits from The Fund, this partnership will allow Nexi to expand its scope of services and release new products in the future. (Note: Due to SEC regulations, Nexi is unable to share The Fund’s name in this news release.)

“We see amazing things ahead for Nexi and our clients as we evolve our offerings to best support hardworking merchants’ ongoing needs and growth,” said Pross. “But despite all these changes, many things will remain the same—including our commitment to Responsible Financing and our top-tier way of doing business. We look forward to the next few months—these will be exciting, innovative times for small businesses and brokers alike.”

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