Furoshikiya Brand Ventures Into Gift Wrappers With New Brand Dubbed Planet

Japan-based company, Furoshikiya Brand has launched a new line of products focusing on papers for wrapping gifts. The new product line is part of the organization’s larger efforts to expand the market and increase visibility in the global market. 

The new products are in line with the organization’s mission of promoting original brand development and fostering growth of new brands by availing them to international markets. 

In their latest venture, the company has gone a notch higher to create new and unique gift-wrapping papers that are not only durable but also very attractive. 

Top in the list of the Planet brand is the furoshikiya furoshiki wrap cloth made of cotton shantung. Shantung is an unusual weave that uses ball yarn for the weft, making it strong and high quality. 

Furoshiki is perfect for wrapping a lunch box, as the fabric is neither too stiff nor too soft, making it easy to wrap.

Besides, the fabric is designed with different colors such as the honey-colored dark red, which gives it an authentic and aesthetic feeling that makes it attractive and appealing as a gift wrapper. 

Besides, it can be customized with specific wordings to pass a message of gratitude to the person receiving the gift. 

Furoshiki, which has been used as a wrapping cloth in Japan for centuries, is usually sold in kimono shops and made by dyeing and weaving artisans in Kyoto making it suitable to be used by adults and children of any age.

Photo: Furoshikiya Furoshiki Wrap Cloth

Second in the list of gift wrappers is the honey-colored dark yellow cloth that comes with a series of small drawings that are meant to give it an attractive feeling. 

The square cloth is light, not bulky, and has a lot of charm as it can change its shape freely to fit the object when wrapped. Adults and children of any age can use it.

It has a drawing of 55 children marching in formation, beating small drums. The design is cute and makes one smile just by looking at it. 

Photo: Honey-coloured dark yellow Furoshiki

The third wrapper’s fabric is bright yellow-green with a circle of white clovers drawn in the center. The four-leaf of them is known as a symbol of happiness all over the world. 

Just like the rest, the fabric is 100% shantung, which is an unusual weave that uses ball yarn for the weft, making it strong and high quality. 

The furoshiki can be used to wrap wedding gifts; birthday presents and many other gifts that need to be presented in a colorful and a rather professional manner. 

Besides, the softness of the fabric makes it possible to align the wrapper in a specific way or rather wrap the gift in a stylish and presentable manner. 

Photo: Bright yellow-green furoshiki gift wrapper

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