Gabion Supply Releases “Creative Ways Gabions Can Be Used”

This informative guide provides information on creative ways to use gabions around both residential and commercial properties.

Gabion Supply has released their latest resource “Creative Ways Gabions Can Be Used.” This guide seeks to educate consumers on creative ways gabions can be used by looking at unique ways to use gabion materials on a property.

Gabions are used for a variety of different purposes, and one of the most popular uses for gabions is to create retaining walls in landscaping. “Not only will using gabions as a retaining wall create an instant landscape, but it also protects your property from erosion and other damage caused by weather elements,” according to Gabion Supply. In addition, gabions can be used in other landscaping projects including walkways, benches, fences, arbors, and trellises

Consumers can creatively use gabion products to build unique features to their properties including home address signs, fire pits, and wood stoves. Gabion products can also be used to create water features including swimming pools, raised ponds, and walk-in showers. For garden enthusiasts, gabions can be used in the creation of plant pedestals, suspended gardens, and entrances to the garden. While gabions are traditionally filled with rocks or stones, consumers can fill their gabions with products that best meet their needs or fit best with the gabion’s intended usage or aesthetic.

To learn more about creative ways gabions can be used, please visit Gabion Supply here.

About Gabion Supply:
Since 2012, Gabion Supply has supplied consumers with geomaterials, gabions, and construction equipment. We offer a wide range of gabions available in standard and custom sizes, wire gauges, and finishes. Our products are used by a variety of customers including landscapers, architects, contractors, builders, federal agencies, excavators, and farmers.

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