Building health and fitness activities into daily routines can be a challenge for busy professionals and families. A great solution is building healthy activities into daily activities, because those are unavoidable anyway.

Epic Cycles, a Vaughan and Toronto-based electric bike and scooter specialist, provide a great way of getting around and keeping healthy at the same time.

X7 electric scooters are a compact but speedy way of travel. Whether getting to and from work or a meeting in a business suit, going to meet a friend, or simply for some fun at the weekend, it is the perfect and modern way of getting around.

A spokesman for the company had this to say about the X7 electric scooter. “More and more of our customers are turning to the X7 as a great way of getting to where they need to go, and at the same time getting some exercise in. The scooter’s electric engine means the rider can travel up to 25 KPH and use a combination of foot power and electric power. It is a great way of getting some exercise in, while at the same time being able to reach sufficient speeds to keep your schedule!”.

“Another benefit of electric scooters is that they offer the benefits of cycling and fresh air, but they also enable the rider to put in as much or as little effort as they need to. If they have more time and want to work out a little on a weekend they can use leg power. But at the same time, if they are travelling to an important meeting Downtown and do not want to arrive sweaty, the electric power is a great addition”.

“The X7’s battery can be fully charged to reach a range of 20 km, so you can travel up to 10 km to your destination and back without even needing a charge. Not only that, but the scooter neatly folds up and can be easily carried around. Many of our customers use the X7 to get to and from work, because it can conveniently fold into a cupboard or under a work station, and its battery can be removed from the scooter to charge from a standard electric socket in less than 3 hours.”

“The road surface is also no obstacle to the X7”, added the Epic Cycles spokesman. “Its 10” tires means that the rider is not just restricted to concrete or tarmac. It can comfortably cope with rougher sidewalks or gravel tracks, meaning it is not restricting in any way”.

In return for its durability and practicality, the X7 electric scooter does not sacrifice any safety aspects either. It is equipped as standard with front and rear LED lights, and anti-locking electronic brakes.

About Epic Cycles

Epic Cycles are an e-bike and scooter manufacturer with headquarters in Vaughan and a showroom in Toronto. With an ethos of providing convenient, affordable and enjoyable ways of getting around, the bike and scooter specialists are also keen advocates of eco-friendly and healthy means of transport to Ontario residents.

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