Get Your Message Out: How to Use Press Release as a Marketing Tool

Press Releases are one of the most important tools that different organizations use in order to promote their business, brands, products or services among their target audience so that they can approach those companies and get their requirements fulfilled.

The use of press releases as a marketing tool is increasing day by day as it has a lot to offer. First of all, sending out press releases is much more affordable as compared to other marketing methods out there. So in other words, you can say that press releases are business friendly for small scale startup companies as they are used to being fragile in the initial stages of business with limited amount of resources which makes it very difficult for them to afford expensive marketing methods for their marketing.

Press Releases are also effective in generating a good output for your company. Doing press release marketing allows you a chance to get noticed by different news outlets that will publish your news story on their website and in return you get a number of backlinks depending upon how many news sites have actually picked up your news article. Backlinks are also known as “Inbound Links”. These are the links from a page that link one website to another one. 

Backlinks are viewed by different search engines as a vote of confidence. The more backlinks you get, more are the chances that the visibility of your website will increase across search engines. Press Releases allow you a chance to get published on high authority sites and the backlinks obtained from them will make you more valuable in front of Google. More is the credibility of your content, more will be the chances of getting indexed in top positions therefore leading towards more traffic towards your website as top search results are the ones that receive higher number of clicks.

Besides this, press release marketing allow you to spread your message across your target audience and improve your reputation as well. You can control the public narrative about your business by providing them with the newsworthy information and positive features about your products and services. As long as you keep your target audience informed about your business, they will be willing to become your customers. The reason is that more knowledge builds a solid rock trust between the owner and the reader. No one wants to waste their time upon someone with whom they are not fully aware of.

The above synopsis about press releases shows how beneficial they can be if logical strategy is developed and applied at the right time. The slightest mistake made regarding press releases can cost you heavily and drain all your marketing efforts within no time.

So in order to avoid failure, following are some strategies you can adopt to make press releases more useful for your marketing needs in the right manner:

Make Your Press Release More Visible in Front of Editors

The first thing you can do is to make sure that your press release gets attention from editors. Everyday, editors receive a lot of emails containing press releases from different companies, organizations and Public Relation firms. So when you also send out an email to editors, you need to keep in mind that your press release is in competition with other news releases.

Editors do not have enough time to thoroughly read each and every press release. In other words, you can say that they have just 10-20 seconds to give each press release a short review, move on to the next ones and decide whether the reviewed news articles should be forwarded for publication or sent right into the trash folder. So you need to make sure that you have:

  • Written a press release in simple language.
  • Included visual media (Images/Videos).
  • The information provided within a press release is clear.

More you make things easier and understandable for the editor, the less hard work he will have to do if you provide him with each and everything. Besides publishing your news story, the editor can also write an editorial based upon the niche of your PR if he is fascinated and impressed by the content of your press release.

Include Keywords Relevant to the Niche of Your PR

Including the keywords related to the industry of your press release will ultimately make it more newsworthy and increase its credibility in front of the reader. Let’s share an example with you

If your press release is related to finance, then you should include keywords such as “Profit”, “Revenue”, “Investment”, “Resources”, “Expenses”, “Taxes”, and “Cash Flow”, etc. Journalists are unable to read complete press releases as they have a shorter amount of time and also have to deal with other tasks as well. So what they do is to quickly scan a press release. If the specific keywords are included in it, the PR will sound more relevant and will probably get published on news sites.

Videos and Images are a Plus Point

Journalists prefer to pick up those press releases containing videos and images as these things make a press release appear more fascinating. Also, the visual media will help the reader to better understand the press release, its purpose and all the information included in it

Press releases without any image or video may seem dull, boring, and unattractive. So it is recommended to include at least one image or a video.

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