Giraffe Tools; The company that emerged to innovate your home, launches Grandfalls Pressure Washer series

Giraffe Tools celebrates the launch of the Grandfalls Pressure Washer series, which has been a leader in innovation to achieve maximum comfort for users of the different products that make up the GPW series, with its German technology and its Italian design, cleaning tasks will be totally revolutionized; from washing car to cleaning patios and walls, without stress or complications. The company has sold more than 10 million units, demonstrating that its products are a must-have.

Giraffe Tools is a leading company when it comes to cleaning tools. Are you wondering why? This company offers different products that will help with the garden work, as well as specialized products for pressure washing. With four different warehouses across the US, the Giraffe Tools Company was the first to introduce us to retractable pressure washers, which are a creative invention with a patent owned by the brand. With Grandfalls pressure washers, Users don’t have to worry about battery life and pressure like you would do with lithium battery products because this equipment works by being plugged directly into the power outlet like any electrical product in home. Also, it is not necessary to install it every time, because Giraffe Tools has given their pressure washers innovative features that we will mention below.

The revolutionary Grandfalls series is packed with exceptional features, including an optional silent motor series, a remote control switch, a triple-piston pump, and its star feature, the retraction system that will allow users to get rid of the mess. The unit is equipped with a 100ft high-pressure hose, which length will allow users to cover an area of 30,000 square feet. The hose features the exclusive DS trigger-retract mechanism, which has a retraction life of up to thousands of times and can be completely retracted every time. Its innovative G-Self-Layering system makes the hose to be easily and neatly retracted, eliminating the need for laborious assembly and storage.

Grandfalls Pressure Washers creatively consider and combine the high pressure of traditional cleaning machines and the convenience of high-pressure lithium electric water guns, making outdoor cleaning operations no longer stressful. With its wall-mounted design, Giraffe Tools offers a convenient and easy-to-use Pressure Washer; Only need to choose the right place to mount it, saving space and storage time. When need to use the equipment, can simply pull the hose, and the smart lock will stop at the desired length, once users are done with the tasks, can gently tug the hose, and it will retract effortlessly, keeping everything perfectly organized.

The GPW series has 4 different pressure washers, designed to meet the different needs of its potential customers, made up of the Grandfalls Pressure Washer, the Grandfalls Pressure Washer Plus, the Grandfalls Pressure Washer Plus+, and its most recent version; the Grandfalls Pressure Washer PRO that has been one of the best-seller products on Giraffe Tools’ official website and its Amazon official store.

Let’s experience the revolution of pressure washing with Giraffe Tools.

About Giraffe Tools

Born in the garden, blooming in your garage!

Giraffe Tools was born from Mr. Oracle’s desire to facilitate his grandfather’s gardening hobby, it was at that moment that he and his father began to have various ideas to innovate products for their home that would revolutionize heavy work and make it much easier to do.

By having friends and family members come to their home asking to see their inventions, they found an excellent opportunity to share their ideas and transform the lives of other people through various products focused on gardening and cleaning tasks such as washing cars, patios, walls, and other activities that need pressure washing.

Giraffe Tools is now the re-inventor of tools and a DTC brand covering the entire process of product design, production, marketing, and sales. The company is committed to redefining the experience of using tools, from the access, use, and storage process to reaching its main objective: Freeing people from heavy work.

Nowadays, Giraffe Tools has become a game changer in the garage and garden tools industry. Reaching over 100K followers on their social media, the company has also distinguished itself as one of the leading companies in the US and UK markets, ranking among the top 6 leaders in sales of gardening and lawn care products launched by Amazon in 2022.

Stay tuned!

Giraffe Tools will soon reach two new countries, Australia and Canada, offering a broader range of tools to handle any outdoor chores in any season by launching a new series of retractable vacuums, steam cleaners, and other products that will meet all the needings of car cleaning and detailing. As well as other new maintenance products that will allow users to make time and effort more efficient because Giraffe Tools… Will do the heavy lifting!

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