Green 2024: New technological breakthroughs to safeguard earth’s essential triangle of life air, water, and soil

The essential life triangle of air, land, and water holds paramount importance for all life on our planet. However, our world is grappling with significant challenges, with millions of lives lost due to air and water pollution. Soil degradation further compounds these issues, presenting a grave problem on a global scale.

In response to these crises in 2024, we hold hope that upcoming scientific breakthroughs, as listed in this article, will play a pivotal role in addressing these pressing challenges. The potential solutions highlighted in the article offer optimism for a brighter future, providing avenues to mitigate the dire consequences of air and water pollution, as well as combat the severe issue of soil degradation.

Albanian Minerals CEO Sahit Muja articulated, “The Creator has generously endowed our planet with essential elements to safeguard Earth, biodiversity, and humanity. Unfortunately, the vital triangle of life—air, land, and water, our most precious natural resources—is now facing severe pollution.” Muja emphasized, “Ocean acidification poses a global threat to oceans, estuaries, and waterways, often referred to as the ‘evil twin’ of climate change. It presents one of the most significant ecological challenges worldwide, with severe environmental, social, and economic repercussions for ocean industries. Effectively addressing this issue necessitates a coordinated governance effort.”

Presenting a natural remedy to counter ocean pollution, acidity, and mineral depletion, Mr. Muja underscored, “Exploring nature provides valuable insights into sustainable and harmonious environmental solutions. Nature, having evolved over millions of years, has fine-tuned processes and systems to achieve balance and efficiency. Numerous key principles observed in nature serve as inspiration for environmental solutions.”

Continuing, he explained, “Nature underscores the significance of biodiversity in maintaining ecosystem health and resilience. Minerals, forests, and soil act as natural filters, purifying water and air through physical, chemical, and biological processes.”

Muja detailed, “Replicating these natural filtration mechanisms in engineered systems can offer sustainable solutions for water and air purification. Nature adeptly utilizes renewable energy sources, such as sunlight and wind, in its processes. Prioritizing and advocating for renewable energy solutions, inspired by natural processes, is crucial in reducing reliance on non-renewable resources.”

He concluded, “By closely observing and learning from nature, researchers and environmentalists can uncover sustainable and regenerative solutions that respect the intricate balance of ecosystems. Biomimicry, a practice drawing inspiration from nature to address human challenges, exemplifies the potential of applying nature’s wisdom to tackle environmental issues,” as expressed by Sahit Muja.

Sahit Muja eloquently expressed, “In our pursuit of sustainable solutions, we’ve unveiled an ingenious approach employing the extraordinary green rock, magnesium silicates, olivine, and a meticulously crafted blend of essential minerals. Our method involves mining these rocks, milling them with eco-friendly energy and practices, employing electric trains and environmentally conscious ships for transportation, and dispersing the grains over targeted environments. This stands out as the most efficient, secure, and cost-effective strategy to combat climate change and the concomitant ocean acidification.

Muja emphasized, “Our groundbreaking product, featuring a high-grade olivine variant, coupled with the utilization of free wave energy in oceans, has the power to convert CO2 into magnesium carbonates. This mineral combination enriches the ocean with vital elements for sustaining life, fostering the overall health and wellness of biodiversity. Enhanced green rock olivine weathering emerges as a multifaceted solution, addressing atmospheric carbon dioxide reduction, nutrient supply, and the mitigation of ocean acidification.”

Contemplating the vast energy potential harbored in ocean waves, which encompass 70 percent of the planet’s surface, oceans stand as an abundant source of renewable energy. The estimated potential of ocean wave energy reaches up to an astounding 500 percent of the current global demand for electricity.

Muja underscored the scalability and enduring nature of enhanced green rock olivine weathering, stating, “Achieve the capture of 100% of humanity’s annual CO2 emissions with a mere 0.1 utilization of shelf seas; this represents a permanent and impactful solution. The prolific wave energy inherent in coastal areas accelerates olivine weathering, leveraging the force of waves to crush the rock and expedite the natural carbon dioxide capture process.”

Sahit Muja proudly positions Albanian Minerals as the custodian of an unparalleled global mineral reserve, boasting the world’s foremost magnesium olivine capable of capturing 100% of global carbon dioxide emissions. This cutting-edge technology, currently in development, assures cost-effectiveness, scalability, and a lasting impact.

At the forefront of innovation, the company pioneers an olivine-based product, securing a crucial mineral blend to address a paramount global challenge and guarantee sustenance for all living biodiversity.

The magnesium Olivine-based Natural Green Wonder promises a spectrum of assurances:

100% natural
100% eco-friendly
100% effectiveness in enriching soil and water nutrition
100% efficiency in CO2 removal, with 1 ton of olivine eliminating 1 ton of CO2
100% guarantee of permanent CO2 storage, utilized for vegetation growth as magnesium carbonate
100% commitment to regulating land, water, and ocean acidification
100% dedication to pH regulation in land
100% assurance of increased production and vegetative growth
100% guarantee against land desertification
100% provision of 20 essential minerals for all life forms
100% commitment to purifying land and water from toxic metals
100% assurance of elevating the entire food chain’s quality
100% guarantee of reducing mineral deficiencies
100% commitment to refining water quality
100% assurance against land degradation and erosion
100% commitment to regulating land drainage
100% assurance against diseases
100% dedication to enhancing nutrition for all sea biodiversity
100% commitment to boosting energy levels for all biodiversity
100% dedication to combating climate change

Sahit Muja passionately declares, “To sustain nearly 8.1 billion people, hundreds of billions of animals, trillions of sea creatures, and hundreds of trillions of plants, fruit trees, grass, vegetables, and more, Albanian Minerals diligently works to introduce this mineral combination globally as one of the greatest future natural supplement combinations. This marvelous wonder is the essence of every living thing, a fundamental building block of the 21st century—a new world.”

Natural Carbon Removal Approach: Albanian Minerals is committed to combating climate change through an innovative and natural approach that expedites carbon removal. This involves strategically distributing crushed magnesium silicates in both land and water, employing enhanced weathering to accelerate natural processes and achieve rapid carbon dioxide (CO2) sequestration. This method not only aids in CO2 sequestration but also contributes to purifying air, water, and land, offering potential solutions for addressing land degradation and deforestation.

When magnesium-rich olivine reacts with CO2 and water in natural conditions, it forms magnesium carbonate. This process effectively locks up CO2 from the air into rocks with a new chemical composition, highlighting magnesium as an essential nutrient for all species.

The incorporation of magnesium-based solutions, including technologies that convert CO2 into sugars, vitamins, and essential minerals for biodiversity, presents a multifaceted approach. Enhanced weathering, focusing on magnesium ore, green olivine, and innovative technologies, emerges as a promising solution for addressing climate-related challenges.

Transforming CO2 into magnesium carbonates, sugars, vitamins, and separating heavy metals using eco-friendly technology repurposed for batteries and the green energy transition provides a comprehensive and sustainable solution. The gradual dissolution of magnesium in seawater not only offers essential minerals to biodiversity but also reduces ocean acidity while permanently removing carbon dioxide by converting it into beneficial substances.

The 30-year journey of global research on magnesium olivine’s CO2 capture abilities underscores the importance of rigorous scientific validation. Magnesium’s versatility as a solution to various environmental issues, such as maintaining ecological balance, supporting agriculture, and addressing challenges related to air, land, and water quality, is highlighted. Moreover, magnesium is presented as a sustainable supply for new batteries and lighter alloys, potentially impacting the economic outlook of clean energy sources.
In addition to environmental solutions, Sahit Muja is recognized as a visionary entrepreneur with a net worth of 3.5 billion USD. His leadership extends to climate change solutions, CO2 sequestration, water pollution mitigation, and economic growth. Engaged in diverse global projects, Muja is the Founder and CEO of Global Mining, Green Minerals, and Albanian Minerals, with significant reserves of magnesium, nickel, cobalt, rare earth minerals, and high-grade chromium.

Muja’s commitment to clean energy and the EV supply chain aligns with environmental standards, and he emphasizes the importance of new technologies for sustainable mining practices. His journey, dedication to innovation, philanthropy, and addressing global challenges position him as a notable and influential figure in the business world.

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