HotelPlanner and Tennis Legend John Isner Announce The “Race to the World Record” Partnership and Campaign

$110 Thousand Dollars In Hotel Stays To Be Awarded As John Isner Races To Break The Record For Most Aces of All Time

John Isner and Hotel Planner, The Race To Break The World Record

HotelPlanner, the world’s largest group booking site, along with legendary professional tennis player John Isner, are today announcing their “Race to The World Record” partnership and campaign. The campaign will reward fans with free hotel credits throughout John Isner’s race to break the record for most aces of all time.

$110 Thousand Dollars In Hotel Stays To Be Awarded As John Isner Races To Break The Record For Most Aces of All TimeTweet this

John Isner is on his way to surpassing the record of having the most aces of all time, subsequently making him the greatest server of all time. He has surpassed 12,617 aces, with the current record being 13,687. Greatness follows its own timeline, but with Isner averaging over 1,000 aces each year, he could very well hit that milestone as soon as the 2021 season. To build up the anticipation and help celebrate when he first breaks the record, HotelPlanner is pledging what will amount to $100,000 in free hotel rooms with an additional $10,000 awarded to one lucky fan at the time John Isner becomes the world record holder.

HotelPlanner CEO Tim Hentschel spoke about the campaign saying, “We at HotelPlanner love to celebrate and reward passion and greatness. As we’ve seen this past year, despite all of the global challenges and crises we’ve faced, sports have brought everyone together and has given everyone newfound hope. For that reason, we are pledging to match each history-making ace that John Isner serves on his way to breaking the all-time record with a $100 hotel voucher to be given to fans. In addition, when John Isner makes that record-breaking serve where he becomes the all-time leader in aces, we will be rewarding one lucky fan with a year’s worth of hotel bookings (up to $10,000 in value) free!”

In reaction to this news, John Isner said, “I am extremely honored and grateful to Tim and HotelPlanner for launching this amazing campaign as I work to break the record for most aces of all time. As an athlete, we thrive off of the energy that our fans bring and we have been longing for the days that stadiums and arenas can be filled once again with that passion. I’ll be working extra hard to get those aces, knowing that our loyal fans will be rewarded for it. They deserve it, and I can’t wait to get back to playing.”

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