How Businesses Can Collect Unpaid Debt

Houston business lawyer Andrew Weisblatt discusses how businesses can recover outstanding payments from debtors without experiencing difficulties.

In business, encountering clients that refuse to pay for goods delivered or services rendered happens from time to time. Without knowledge about their proper legal rights to utilize and recover debts, most business owners exhaust resources to get debtors to pay the outstanding payments. This method of approach can often lead to frustration for the business owner, who may still not recover their debt in the end.

Whether the debtors are consumers or other businesses, recovering debt can be tricky and requires several approaches to be successful. While companies can take quick action and regularly keep track of debtors, there are more helpful steps to collect unpaid debt.

Prominent Lawyer Andrew Weisblatt Advises Business Owners on Initial Steps Towards Debt Recovery
Andrew Weisblatt, a Houston business lawyer at Weisblatt Law Firm, says that debt collection cases can initially be tackled with negotiation to resolve the issue amicably and preserve the business relationship between the parties.

“The process of collecting pending payments can vary depending on the type of customer. In most cases, such issues with customers that respond to your queries in a good sense are easier to resolve,” Weisblatt says.

“Although most business owners believe that an attorney only provides support for litigation cases, a business lawyer dexterously negotiates with debtors to avoid litigation if possible.”

Debt Collection Can Be Easier with Help from a Business Lawyer
While most customers can be responsive, which leads to an effective resolution plan for paying off their debt, some customers would go to any length to avoid paying off their debt. For such customers, legal intervention can be the solution.

“Trying to collect debts from unresponsive customers who have failed to pay for your goods or services can be difficult and negatively impact your operations. After methods like negotiation fail to yield results, taking the case to court is not farfetched,” Weisblatt says. He continues, “With the assistance of a business lawyer, you can file a lawsuit against your debtors and utilize your rights for debt collection, including placing liens on property or garnishing assets.”

For over 25 years, lead attorney Andrew Weisblatt has skillfully represented businesses in the greater Houston area, ranging from multimillion-dollar corporations to single-owner start-ups, in several legal issues. He has a wealth of experience and a stellar record to back it up as a legal counsel for businesses in cases requiring business representation, contract disputes and litigation.

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