How David Sans of New York Used His Chemical Engineering Background to Become a Successful Investor

Chemical Engineering, Healthcare, Investment: How David Sans Built His Fortune

 David Sans is a big name in healthcare startups. Not only has he invested in numerous enterprises, he’s also coached entrepreneurs through some of the more difficult stumbling blocks of their careers. He discusses how his scientific background helped him make bolder moves in investment.

David Sans has a Ph.D. in Chemometrics and Artificial Intelligence. He has a Board Certification in Cell Therapies. He’s also fully licensed in healthcare investment banking and known for his talent of spotting some of the most promising people in the industry. This financially successful scientist routinely relies on his education to make smarter decisions about who to back. He talks more about what that means to him and how it’s helped him stand out in a saturated space.

The Curiosity of David Sans

From a young age, Sans was largely driven by his curiosity. It was this quality that allowed him to puzzle through different problems on a quest for the ultimate answer. Healthcare is an unorganized industry, one that’s made messier by everything from politics to conflicting research. David Sans has come out ahead because he has a long history of detangling what matters from what doesn’t.

The Enterprises that Matter

David Sans can’t just look for great ideas in healthcare. Practically every startup will promise revolution in their sales pitch. Sans has to look past the bluster to the stability of the organization. More than that though, he has to dive deeper into the more technical aspects of the company. For instance, what are the mechanisms being used to manipulate a stem cell into a muscle cell?

This is chemical change at a micro-level and it doesn’t leave a lot of room for error. There’s a reason why so many cell therapies fail to deliver on their original goals, particularly when scaling their innovations has proven nearly impossible.

It was Sans’ engineering background that paved the way for his involvement in healthcare. He would be able to assess not just the validity of the organization – he could also contribute to its operations with targeted advice.

Many healthcare investors get started with little more than a basic scientific understanding of what they’re investing in. They’re motivated by profits and often blind to the realities of bringing research to market. From in-fighting to a lack of collaboration to sheer delusion over state and federal regulations, there are a lot of factors that can cause an organization to flounder and, ultimately, fail. David Sans has learned how to both ask and answer questions in a complex industry, so he can avoid the ill-fated ventures.

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