How Press Release Can Boost and Benefit Your Business

Press Releases is a great way and marketing tool to promote your business, company, brand, product or services, etc. Many people still wonder about what exactly the purpose of a press release is. The goal of Press Releases is not that difficult to understand, yet it is logical and rational.

Press Releases are all about displaying your business and services in front of different editors, publications, media outlets, journalists, influencers, bloggers, radio and television sites. You can develop strong connections with them by providing interesting information and updates regarding your business. They will, in return, publish that newsworthy content and provide coverage towards a broader number of news outlets that will get millions of views from all over the world. How you can revive your brand awareness and improve your reputation without spending a huge portion of your marketing funds. The more you develop strong ties with journalists, the more your press release will get much broader coverage far away, and more people will receive your message.

The best thing about press releases is that they can be used by anyone, especially these businesses having a limited amount of resources, and can generate great results if:

  • Press Release is properly written in the standard format.
  • Precise yet accurate information is provided in a PR.
  • Press Release is distributed to higher Domain Authority (DA) media outlets.
  • Reach is supplied according to the niche of a press release and towards the target audience.

Just as you can’t get a building completely constructed in a day similarly, you can’t get all results by sending out press releases. Therefore, it is recommended to send out multiple press releases. The more you inform others about your business activities, the more they will learn about you and the more they will trust you.


In past times, traditional marketing measures were used by businesses. Still, with time, digital marketing arrived, and many barriers, such as limited reach, lack of standards for tracking the results, etc., got removed. The competition among businesses is increasing with every passing day. Therefore, you can improve your brand reputation by including remarkable features and valuable information about your business.

With the help of press releases, you can prove yourself as an industry expert. The reason is that sending out press releases can make you prominent to a greater extent against others, so whenever somebody is checking different sites online or about to purchase any service, they’ll not forget to consider your company.

Besides this, doing press releases will help you generate a massive Return on Investment (ROI). High-quality backlinks from different media outlets will increase your online visibility across various search engines within top rankings. This will result in more web traffic towards your website whenever prospects on Google search it.

Suppose you share your press release on different social media platforms. In that case, your business will get further boosted as social media is a very broad platform comprising millions of users worldwide. Social Media platforms will reward you with more traffic, brand recognition and backlinks.

You can get your press release distributed either manually or through a press release distribution service. To distribute a press release via manual way, you’ll need first to spend your time developing a list of contacts for different media outlets. That is relevant to the niche of your PR, and then you can pitch your story to any journalist you would like.

Getting your press release distributed by a press release service provider is a completely different experience. All you have to do is submit your press release to any service, and they will get your PR distributed towards media outlets themselves. Hiring any press release service provider is the preferred way to send out your PRs as it doesn’t require a lot of time to create a list of emails. Also, if you are on a tight schedule, then considering a press release distribution service is a good choice.

There are many press release distribution services out there. Each PR company will provide you with different results, but if you go with Global News Distribution, you’ll be amazed by the awesome results that this company can offer you.

Global News Distribution is the leading press release writing and distribution company that enjoys a great reputation for providing immense online visibility and global reach across different media platforms. Such as Yahoo News, Yahoo Finance, Market Watch, Globe Newswire, AP News, Street Insider, Business Insider, USA Today, ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, CW, and many others.

By getting your news story sent out by Global News Distribution, your press releases will get indexed in search results of different search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, Google News,, etc. Compared to other services, Global News Distribution is much more reliable and business-friendly, especially for small startups or any other business struggling with brand awareness and improvement in reputation.


Global News Distribution has a team of professionally trained, skilled, and motivated press release writers native English speakers. They have many years experience in the PR industry and successfully wrote multiple press releases related to different niches. 

Keeping the above argument in view, it can conclude that press releases are still effective despite being referred to as useless and a waste of time by some websites. Press releases can help businesses accomplish something that they could not get with traditional marketing methods. Therefore the market of press releases is rising with time as many people are getting aware of the concept of press releases.

So whenever you are about to do a press release, make sure to conduct proper research and consider those types of press releases that you think will make much better sense for your products and services. This way, you will be able to prepare an effective press release that will target the right audience.

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