How To Fix Fire Damage With Five Star Restoration

Fixing a home in any circumstance can be a tall order.

And with other aspects like extensive fire damage and water damage, it becomes even more daunting.

That’s why Inland Empire home restoration company Five Star Restoration authored a piece regarding professionals who specialize in fixing up the property after a devastating fire.

The company, started in 2016, has been a calming presence in the Inland Empire and Northern San Diego areas, helping home and business owners maintain and restore their property.

And continuing in that same tradition, Five Star Restoration extends its expert knowledge to make picking up the pieces in the wake of a traumatic blaze more easily digestible.

Picking Up The Pieces: First Steps

After a fire, attempting to orient the homeowners in the right direction seems impossible. But Five Star Restoration has them covered.

First thing’s first, says the restoration company, call the insurance company.

“Before safety officials give you the ‘all-okay’ to enter your home again, you need to contact your insurance provider. This is a crucial step of the process and could affect the cost of repairs in the future.”

While dealing with the insurance company can be a lengthy process, filled with hurdles to clear, it’s absolutely paramount. Ensure everything is documented, accounted for, and in order so homeowners can breathe easy when having their home repaired.

The next step is crucial to homeowners and their family’s health: staying safe.

Staying Safe After A Fire

The smoke has finally cleared; the blaze is no more. However, dangers are still lurking. Unassuming smoke and soot damage on the walls still contains powerful, deadly health risks.

“Remember, just because the blaze has died down doesn’t mean the home is safe to live in like normal. Smoke from a house fire contains highly toxic gasses and carcinogens like carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, and ammonia.”

To minimize the risk factors and blatant dangers left in the wake of a severe fire, it’s time to call in the experts who will take the burden off their shoulders.

Call In The Cavalry: Five Star Restoration

While one can fix their home after extensive fire damage, it’s ill-advised if they don’t have intimate knowledge of proper code or procedure. As such, calling Five Star Restoration is a property owner’s best bet.

“As repair and reconstruction professionals, we take care of everything for you. At Five Star, we specialize in getting rid of smoke and soot damage, limiting dust contamination, and saving anything that can be saved.”

But property owners needn’t worry about racking up home repair costs just yet, as Five Star Restoration gets a feel for what the property needs to reach its former glory.

“When we come to your home to examine the damage, we go through a detailed diagnostic to determine the size and scope of damage. There are also the services of our in-house contractors to help reduce the cost of cleaning up your home.

We can even help you through the very first steps when dealing with insurance. We can help take pictures of extensive damage, helping the entire process run smoothly.”

Five Star Restoration prides itself on strictly following code, so homeowners know that they’re getting up-to-date advice and services that ensure their home will be adequately protected.

“Plus, we consult with a hygienist to meet the latest AQMD standards. This means they’re getting the safest cleanup process possible during the fire damage restoration process.”

This helps ensure that the home won’t have any unpleasant odors left in the wake of a calamity.

“In short, don’t take on this damage yourself.”

Fire Safety Measures From Five Star Restoration

Closing off the article is a few quick and easy ways to prepare homeowners for the worst-case scenario.

“It’s crucial that you openly discuss a cohesive fire safety plan with your family members. Work out a few potential exits in the case of a fire. Remember, if you live in an apartment building with an elevator, do NOT use the elevator. Always opt for the stairs.

Form a fire safety plan, then practice it with your family a few times a year to ensure everyone’s on the same page.”

For example, having an in-depth discussion with family about a potential fire escape plan is crucial to future safety.

Likewise, installing multiple, interconnected smoke alarms, ideally positioned near sleeping areas, is another perfect way to stay ahead of danger.

Another great way for property owners to stay on top of fire safety is regular brush clearance to both help prevent property damage and decrease wildfire risks.

Five Star Restoration Has Homeowners Back

Most importantly, Five Star Restoration doesn’t leave them high and dry when it comes to home damage, fire-related or otherwise.

Along with providing excellent tips for preparing for fire hazards, the Inland Empire restoration company approaches customer service in a down-to-earth, friendly manner. Think of it as a valued friend giving practical advice on protecting the home.

Through this model, the company acquires and maintains clients who are secure in the knowledge that they’re not being taken advantage of, as well as receiving helpful advice. Advice and tips that are up to code, too.

Although a home can quickly become the casualty of a fire, it doesn’t mean it has to stay that way. By employing Five Star Restoration’s fire cleanup experts, homeowners make a massive, progressive step towards bringing back a safe environment for them.

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