How to Increase Visibility for Your Business with Press Release Distribution

Press Releases are the most important, effective and affordable means for the marketing of your company, brand, product, or services, etc. Now a days, huge number of businesses are sending out press release but still wonder if they can successfully accomplish following goals: 

  • They get noticed by their target audience. 
  • Their company develops brand recognition.
  • They become industry experts in their own niche.

Well, the good news is that these goals can be successfully achieved if a press release is properly written and distributed among different news outlets, journalists, and editors, etc.

Visibility is the most basic and important quest for different organizations and companies for which they do a lot of effort and try to experiment different marketing techniques to make sure that their voice is heard among the people and their message gets viewed. But some of the companies do not successfully accomplish their goals and there can be reasons for them. Either the method they practice is less effective or they do not have a large amount of money to afford marketing methods that are effective but expensive as well. 

Fortunately, when it comes to press releases, they are both impactful and less expensive. Press Releases can be defined as a news story or a piece of document that can contain any information such as description of a product, updates in the features of service, and announcement of a new brand. Doing press releases is business friendly especially for small businesses as they have a lesser amount of resources to run and promote their visibity of business.

Due to its massive advantages, press releases are enjoying great popularity as more and more people are becoming aware of it. In the past, it was difficult to develop brand recognition and visibility as there were a limited number of media outlets and also traditional marketing was dominant everywhere. But with the arrival of Digital Marketing, many difficulties got resolved and the hurdles which businesses used to face got removed. Press Releases can be referred to as one of the Digital Marketing strategies. Though press releases have a lot of advantages to offer, the competition among similar businesses is increasing with each passing day. 

Therefore, press releases should be written in the universal standard format and must contain newsworthy information that will be helpful to the target audience. Besides this, following are some worthy strategies that will help you to increase the visibility of your press release:

Try Sending Press Releases to Influencers Besides Journalists

Press Releases are usually sent to different journalists associated with different media outlets relevant to the niche of PR. If a PR seems newsworthy to a journalist, he/she picks it up and then further forward it for publication. However you can also try sharing your press release with influencers as well. 

In case if you don’t know who are influencers, influencers are those specific individuals who have the ability to influence the purchasing decisions of the public with the help of their knowledge, expertise in a particular niche and strong relation with their followers and audience.

So whenever you are about to contact any influencer relevant to your niche, what you should do is to share a summarized version of your press release with him/her, instead of the original version of your PR. You can further persuade them to reach out to you for more assistance.

Including Images and Videos Are a Plus Point

Sending out a press release including images and videos in a press release is much more effective, preferable and secures better visibility as compared to distributing a PR without any multimedia content. The reason is that images and videos help journalists and reporters to engage into the news story in a much better way. 

The good news is that Global News Distribution allows you to include as much as images and videos you would like to include in your press release without any extra charge.

Always Write Down a Newsworthy Press Release

The most basic and core factor that leads media outlets to pick up a press release is the extent of its newsworthiness and if it is written in the industry standard format. So you should spend your time writing down your press release as much as possible. The reason is that journalists, reporters, and editors are already short of time as their inbox is already flooded with several PRs; so they want to make sure that they don’t have to deal with reading a press release that is not worthwhile.

If you do not have any knowledge or experience of writing a newsworthy press release, don’t worry, Global News Distribution is always there to help you out.

Its professionally trained, skilled and motivated press release writers are well versed in modern press release writing requirements and can prepare press releases related to any topic.

Press Release Should Be Disseminated at the Right Time

Besides, newsworthiness of a press release, the timing of sending it out also matters a lot. So whenever you are about to distribute a press release, you should prefer sending it out on Thursday and Wednesday are considered the best days to send out a press release whereas it is avoided to reach out to journalists and reporters on Friday and Weekends as it is unlikely that your press release will get opened in these times.

Above mentioned strategies can help you out to get more attention for your press release. However, you can also hire professional and effective press release distribution services such as Global News Distribution. This PR company is known for providing global reach across different world class media outlets such as Yahoo News, Market Watch, Globe Newswire, Yahoo Finance, AP News, Bloomberg, Street Insider, Business Insider, and USA Today, etc.

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