How Tradefull’s Tech is Making Logistics Easier for eCommerce Companies

The eCommerce landscape is changing. While it was already headed for growth, the global pandemic pushed more consumers to adopt the process of buying online. Which means one thing-retailers have to adapt to this boom in growth or get left behind by the competition.

However, even the most skilled companies cannot handle everything themselves. With worker shortages, increased transportation costs, and supply chain issues, having a separate solution to handle specific elements of your operations is important.

And that’s where Tradefull comes in. As a complete eCommerce solution, they help online brands solve challenging problems like warehousing, order management, logistics, and a whole lot more.

Here’s what you need to know about why Tradefull is important to brands and how their tech is making logistics easier for eCommerce companies.

What is Tradefull?

Before we can dive into how they help businesses, let’s first take a look at what Tradefull is and the story behind it.

As a complete eCommerce solutions platform, Tradefull’s technology provides tons of features and businesses to help online brands thrive. Their technology helps with a range of ecommerce services, from marketplace support, warehousing, shipment management, and dropshipping to full-service marketing support.

Through Tradefull experts, brands are able to expand operations and streamline processes for better workflows and results.

How do they know so much about the industry? The founders behind Tradefull were one of the first third-party sellers on Amazon. Through that experience with a global retail marketplace, they were able to evolve into helping smaller brands see growth to the eCommerce solutions they now offer.

How Their Tech Plays a Role

Part of what makes Tradefull stand out from the competition is their technology that can help with nearly every aspect of shipping and logistics. You can use some of their technology platforms a la carte, or you can utilize Tradefull as a complete line of third-party logistics (3PL) services.

Complete eCommerce Management System

Tradefull’s unique eCommerce dashboard makes running an online retail business easier than ever before. With integration to over forty of the top online sales marketplaces, sellers can now be in more places at once by using this tool.

If that wasn’t good enough, what takes things even further is that Tradefull seamlessly syncs data between products listed on multiple websites, including,, eBay, and others. When you change information on one item, it intuitively does the same for all marketplace platforms.

The end result? More streamlined workflows that make it easier for eCommerce teams to operate in multiple trusted marketplaces across the web. And that translates to more customers and increased profits.

Top-Notch Warehouse Management System

Let’s say that a brand has their own fulfillment centers and doesn’t need 3PL services. In that case, Tradefull works as a robust warehouse management system.

From tracking items within the current inventory to running comprehensive reports that offer insight into the bestselling items, retailers can keep tabs on everything going on inside of their warehouse.

To help managers, Tradefull also provides insight into sales trends that affect warehouse staffing. When a company knows exactly how many team members they need on-site to fulfill orders, they can make better staffing and scheduling decisions to save money.

What’s even better for eCommerce companies is that Tradefull’s 3PL program typically offers better two-day shipping rates than they could obtain on their own. By simply opting to outsource these costs and duties, online brands can save a ton of time and financial resources.

Complete Order Management System

Tradefull also works as a complete order management system for eCommerce brands. What does this mean? When a customer places an order on any of the supported marketplaces, it is instantly reflected in the dashboard.

From there, brands can use automated tools to track orders, handle fulfillment, and respond to customer service inquiries. The tool can also help with returns and shipping notifications.

What’s even better is that Tradefull seamlessly integrates with many of the most popular online store platforms, including Shopify, BigCommerce, Woocommerce, and others. Through these integrations, brands have access to in-depth reports about shoppers including data like when they’re making purchases, what they’re buying, and the most popular items within the whole inventory.

Product Information Management the Easy Way

Another area where Tradefull is especially useful is their product information management (PIM) capabilities. This allows retailers to update item descriptions, photos, shipping information, barcodes, and more across multiple platforms at one time.

From a workflow perspective, this is a phenomenal feature that really sets Tradefull apart from other options within the eCommerce tools sphere. Instead of committing team members to update each of these items across different websites like Amazon, Walmart, eBay, and others, everything is updated from the same dashboard.

Wrap Up: Tradefull’s Tech Is Enhancing eCommerce Logistics

The eCommerce industry is growing, which means both established and new businesses need to be ready to evolve in order to meet consumer demands. Simply put, Tradefull is a complete eCommerce logistics solution that all online brands need to check out. From handling the basics like order management to complete 3PL services, their technology is the best way to save both time and money.


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