HTVRONT Announces Launch of World’s 1st Heat Press With Auto Pressure Exertion

HONG KONG, July 11, 2022 – HTVRONT, a team dedicated to providing innovative tools for heat pressing and transfers, announced the launch of a revolutionary heat press with auto pressure exertion and a suite of features that makes heat transfer & sublimation fast, accurate, and easy for anyone. HTVRONT Auto Heat Press is available now on Kickstarter: learn more here.

Heat pressing and sublimation have never been easier than with HTVRONT Auto Heat Press. No assembly, complicated setup, or difficult press-to-lock is required; users simply plug it in, place transfer materials, and click a button to start. HTVRONT’s advanced pressure system allows it to automatically exert pressure and adjust to thickness up to 2.5 cm. 

With a highly efficient dual-zone heating engine, HTVRONT uses NTC technology to monitor and control the temperature of the heat plate to ensure fast and accurate heating that is uniform across the plate. The entire 15*15-inch heat plate will reach the max temp of 210°C in less than six minutes. For the most commonly used temp of 160°C, it takes less than four minutes to heat up, which is almost twice as fast as a typical heat press.

“At HTVRONT, our goal is to provide intelligent heat presses that add convenience, safety, and ease of use for creatives. By listening to feedback from our dedicated users worldwide, we learned the struggles that they experienced with typical heat presses. DIYers and professionals alike desired a heat press that was lighter, easier to set up and one that would provide better, more consistent results. For our latest – HTVRONT Auto Heat Press, we began with a lightweight form factor and a large press plate. Then we added intelligent features with optimal auto pressure exertion, more uniform heating, and one-button start. HTVRONT Auto Heat Press is the best choice for unlimited creativity.”  – Allen, CMO at HTVRONT

HTVRONT’s workspace adopts a pullout drawer design that keeps the heat source away from the user’s hands and decreases the chance of burns during the transfer process. With HTVRONT’s own H-Cooling technology and multiple layers of thermal insulation, heat is dissipated in a safer and more controlled way. Whenever the device is not being used for 10 minutes, it automatically shuts down to prevent overheating hazards. For added ease of use, the HTVRONT Auto Heat Press has four presets. The presets help users get started quickly and eliminate the hassle of repeated setups. Additionally, for special applications, HTVRONT offers two custom quick-start modes to customize temperature and time.

HTVRONT Auto Heat Press makes heat transfers and sublimation safer, faster, and more convenient. Using intelligent features and a high safety level, HTVRONT gives hobbyists, DIYers, and professionals unparalleled control and creativity for transfers of all kinds. HTVRONT is available now on Kickstarter with special deals. Learn more here.

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