HUBA Recognizes that Auto Businesses, By Their Nature, Are Not Always the Prettiest Sights in Town

HUBA recommends city use code enforcement to bring operators into compliance rather than manipulating table of uses to restrict auto uses

The Haltom United Business Alliance makes the point that auto shops are not always attractive due to their very nature but are necessary for a town’s future. It is HUBA’s position that the street view of inoperable cars parked for months in front lots owned by these businesses, while possibly an issue for the city to address, should be managed through city code enforcement, rather than by manipulating the table of uses.

HUBA’s view is that simply forcing going businesses to relocate or close because some residents think they are unattractive is resulting in business losses to the city, lost tax revenue, lost job opportunities and fewer choices for Haltom City residents shopping for auto services.

According to census records, over the last few decades, Haltom City has fallen from 22nd place to 30th in population growth, meaning that 75% of the other 41 cities in Tarrant County are growing faster than Haltom City. “There’s simply no excuse for the declining population growth in this area, where so many are people are moving in daily,” says Ron Sturgeon, who has had a business in Haltom City for more than 50 years.

When asked about the decline of Haltom City, Dixon Thayer – former Vice President of Global Development, Ford Motor Co. – made this comment: “The decline of a city should rest squarely on leadership. Healthy, growing, vibrant communities embrace a wide diversity of employers, so there’s a job for everyone. The automotive industry has a strong history of providing such needed diversity to communities.”

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Haltom United Business Alliance (HUBA) is a group of local small business owners who would like to see more small businesses start in Haltom City and more existing small businesses choose to expand or relocate to the city.

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