Iceegg Announces Launch of World’s First Home-Use Ice Spheres Maker

Today, Iceegg announced the launch of the world’s first automatic ice sphere maker for home use. Ice spheres have been used by savvy bartenders for years to improve the flavor of premium bourbons, elegant cocktails and specialty drinks. Until now, this special method of ice preparation required expensive machinery or difficult-to-use ice molds. Now, with Iceegg, anyone can produce perfectly round, pure, ice spheres at home for parties, social gatherings and a better home beverage experience. This convenient and affordable device provides professional ice spheres at the touch of a button and is available now on Kickstarter:

The proper amount of ice enhances the taste and aroma of a cocktail and eliminates the harshness of alcohol. Bartenders around the world understand that the best way to present a delicious drink is with a special ice preparation that creates a round ball of ice. Now, with Iceegg, people can enjoy the benefits and beauty of perfectly round ice spheres at home. Iceegg is the world’s first automatic, home-use ice sphere maker. Iceegg is a convenient and compact countertop ice maker that automatically makes clear and round ice balls just like a professional bartender, perfect for bourbon, classy cocktails, and other delicious drinks for parties and gatherings.

“Any good bartender will tell you that a truly great drink is more than the sum of its ingredients. Ice spheres are used by professionals for the best bourbons and cocktails because they melt slower than typical cube ice, chill the drink faster, and won’t dilute the liquor, thereby keeping the flavor. They also add an interesting visual appeal for a unique presentation that patrons appreciate. Our goal with Iceegg was to give people the ability to conveniently create perfect ice spheres at home so they could enjoy a premium beverage experience anytime they wish,” said Iceegg founder Harry Li.

Iceegg produces two clear, perfectly spherical ice balls in about 50 minutes — faster than most other systems — and can store eight to 10 of these at a time. The crystal-clear 55mm ice balls produced give beverages the perfect amount and shape of ice for next-level entertaining, from craft cocktails and whiskey to soft drinks and iced coffee. The device also ensures clean, pure, ice with an automatic UV sterilization-mode to kill bacteria for better-tasting ice and health protection. Iceegg also makes drink prep a breeze with onboard storage of ice tongs, water-refill reminder, and detachable ice basket for easy cleaning.

Iceegg Automatic Home-Use Ice Spheres Maker is the perfect way to prepare cold beverages, enhance the flavor of bourbons and mixed drinks, and provide a professional touch to any party or gathering. Now, discerning drinkers can elevate the quality, taste, and presentation of any cold beverage conveniently at home. Iceegg is available now with special pricing and incentives for early adopters. To learn more, visit the Kickstarter campaign here:

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