Imagi Ventures Into Exporting Umami Soup Stock With Sudachi Citrus

A local Japanese company, Imagi co., has gone on a phishing expedition with its newly curated Umami soup stock with Sudachi citrus that has taken over in Japan by a storm. 

The latest move is in line with the company’s 2022 goals to increase product visibility and serve the world with their new product menus made using authentic Japanese materials. 

In the latest soup product, the company went for the most delicate Sudachi citrus produced in Tokushima, which is known as the number one product in Japan with only the young and small Sudachis picked. This makes it possible to suppress the bitterness while maintaining the refreshing flavor of Sudachi. 

Also, 5 carefully selected raw materials, like Rosy Seabass and Bonito, are combined to bring out the luxurious umami flavor in the soup stock to deliver the best soup stock. 

The Dashi soup stocks are packaged in 11 packages of 8g, with each costing $ 15.30, and are currently available in the company’s Amazon store and can be shipped to different parts of the United States. 

Notably, Umami is an ancient broth in Tokyo and one of the five basic tastes that have been described as savory, which is usually added in foods such as cooked meats.  

Umami came about after an intensive research exercise by a chemist who identified Dashi as having a unique taste that could neither be classified as salty, bitter, sour, or sweet. 

Chemist Kikunae Ikeda thought it should be considered a basic taste because any combination of the other four couldn’t produce it. 

As Ikeda said, “it is usually so faint and overshadowed by other stronger tastes that it is often difficult to recognize it unless attention is specifically directed towards it.”

To figure out what made Dashi so delicious, he worked for months conducting a chemical analysis that involved boiling kombu down to a tarry-like substance and using an evaporation technique to isolate specific compounds.

Ikeda found the right thing when he tried some tiny crystals and they tasted like a sour Dashi, which was glutamate, an amino acid that gives Dashi its rich umami flavor.  

The name umami, which is often defined as ‘pleasant savory taste,’ comes from the Japanese words Umai, which is used to say something is pleasant or delicious and the word mi, which means ‘essence,’ ‘essential nature,’ or ‘taste.’

Photo: Umami soup stock with Sudachi citrus

About the company

The brand “Kikka” was named from the word “Kikkake”, which means “trigger”. The company truly hopes the product becomes the “trigger” for more people to know Sudachi citrus, “triggers” the smile to the people, and  “triggers” to convey their gratitude to their loved ones.

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