‘Imagine…What’s Inside’ – A New Healthy and Positive Way of Thinking and Creating

The Recently Released 17 Chapter Book and Accompanying CD Set is Designed to Use the Healing and Inspiring Power of Music to Provide People with a New Way of Thinking

People who are looking for a new healthy positive way of thinking and creating may wish to check out “Imagine…What’s Inside,” a new and unique book and CD set that encourages people to transform their budding self-growth to blossoming positivity.

To learn more about “Imagine…What’s Inside,” how it is designed to encourage a new way of thinking and also check out positive reviews of the book and CD set, please visit the books website.

As a spokesperson for “Imagine…What’s Inside” noted, the author has written the first ever book with the chapter’s titles matching the song titles on the CD. The book and record set, which includes 17 songs, is available on Amazon.

The author was inspired by some of the knowledge she acquired while studying for her Master’s degree in Transpersonal and Humanistic Psychology, as well as what she has learned about the psychology of singing to write the autobiographical self-help book. In addition to believing in the power of singing for health, the author is passionate about encouraging self-introspection, positivity and supporting those who are living through life’s curve balls.

“From rebuilding yourself and understanding how creativity matters to improving self-introspection which can help with making it past the bumps in the road of life, ‘Imagine…What’s Inside’ is not afraid to tackle serious yet important topics including bullying, overcoming abuse and suicide prevention,” the spokesperson noted.

Once people read the new book and listen to the accompanying CD, it is hoped they will be inspired to reflect on their own life’s journeys, thinking about how they can nurture their own creativity and imagination, all while discovering the healing properties of singing.

Although “Imagine…What’s Inside” tackles thought-provoking and serious topics, the spokesperson said the book and CD set is meant to be uplifting and educational. For instance, the book features interesting research that links singing to a healthy immune system, a topic that is especially timely now during the global pandemic.

About the Author

Kyleellen has earned a Master’s degree in Transpersonal and Humanistic Psychology from Johnston College at the University of Redlands. She is a recording artist and guest speaker who is also the author of a new book “Imagine…What’s Inside.” To learn more about Kyleellen and to sign up for the “Enhance Your Positive Creativity and Communication Challenge” and/or for a free download of her theme song “Sing Song” please visit http://Kyleellen.net

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