INDIGO Biosciences Releases New Luciferase Detection Reagent

Company Creates New Glow Type Luciferase Detection Reagent and is Offering it as an Easy-To-Use Kit.

INDIGO Biosciences, Inc. (INDIGO), a recognized industry leader in cell-based luciferase reporter assay kits and service, has developed a new luciferase detection reagent and will be offering this new reagent solely for purchase. INDIGlo, the companies new Luciferase Detection Reagent Kit will provide researchers with the ability to purchase the easy-to-use reagent found in INDIGO products for their own use to investigate a variety of cellular processes.

“We are excited to offer INDIGlo, our new firefly luciferase detection reagent, to our customers,” says Dr. Jack Vanden Heuvel, Chief Scientific Officer of INDIGO. “It is an ideal, detection reagent for both low- and high-throughput batch processing of compounds.”

Luciferase assays are utilized for research in drug development, environmental monitoring, toxicology, as well as many other types of research. Researchers use luciferase assays bioluminescent light output as a sensitive measure of biological activity. Luciferase assays are specifically used for cell-based target validation, pathway analysis, investigating protein function, researching miRNA regulation, and performing compound screenings.

Luciferase assays are preferred by researchers due to their increased sensitivity and precision compared to their fluorescent counterparts. This is because unlike with fluorescence, there is no inherent background luminescence in mammalian cells, which allows a luciferase assay to be extremely sensitive with a greater dynamic linear-response range. Bioluminescence assays also very rarely encounter test compounds with inherent light emission properties. So besides not having to deal with a high signal-to-noise ratio, luciferase-based assays do not have to contend with false signals coming from test compounds themselves.

Luciferase detection reagents are what provide a substrate to convert the activity of the luciferase enzyme into a light signal. It is what lets firefly luciferase reporter assays like those developed by INDIGO to work.

The INDIGlo Luciferase Detection Reagent from INDIGO Biosciences is a glow type luciferase detection reagent with a signal duration of greater than 2 hour with a less than 10% fluctuation in signal. The reagent is provided ‘ready to use’ and is formulated as a 2x-concentrated reagent, thereby allowing greater versatility in its use. The highly sensitive and stable luminescence signal of INDIGlo is ideal for the cost-effective processing of cell culture plates ranging from 96 to 1536-well format. INDIGlo is available for purchase in a variety of formats through INDIGO as well as INDIGO’s distribution partners.

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