Indonesian Buildings Take Extra Precautions Against COVID By Installing Air and Surface Purification Technology

The Wisma Indocement and Rodamas Buildings Install ActivePure Technology

ActivePure, the global leader in active surface and air purification technology, has expanded its presence in Indonesia. Two high-rise buildings, the Wisma Indocement and Rodamas, worked with an ActivePure global distributor in Indonesia, PT Hibaru, to install the company’s units on the two properties.

With Indonesia’s daily coronavirus positivity falling below 5% earlier this month, businesses around the country have been taking proactive steps to ensure the safety of their employees and clients, and to do their part to help reduce transmission levels. PT Hibaru had previously installed ActivePure units in office buildings, schools and factories throughout the country. PT Hibaru’s customers have reported a decrease in positive COVID-19 tests after installation was completed, a key indicator of ActivePure effectiveness when layered with other remediation strategies.

Some other projects PT Hibaru has worked on include United Tractors, Danone, TOTO, Pama Persada, Karpowership, Union Group and Ariobimo.

“Mr. William and his team of professionals have done a great job in swiftly providing ActivePure Technology solutions to businesses, providing their teams with an extra layer of protection against airborne and surface contaminants. Subsequently, several other projects are underway using our exclusive technology,” explained Anil Agrawal, vice president of international sales & operations for ActivePure.

ActivePure has been scientifically proven to reduce exposure to pathogens, including viruses, bacteria, fungi and molds, by up to 99.9% in the air and on surfaces. ActivePure is an extensively tested and validated solution for businesses navigating the challenges of the pandemic. Businesses in Indonesia, which is home to more than 276 million people, have adopted new hygiene and indoor air sanitization practices in order to slow the spread of the COVID-19 virus amongst their employees, guests and visitors. Products with ActivePure have been shown in independent laboratory testing to inactivate 99.9% of airborne and surface SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19.

“We are very happy that we are able to help and support businesses operate in clean environments, especially during the pandemic,” said William Stephanus Nusalim, CEO of PT Hibaru. “We are grateful to know that we can contribute to minimizing the risk of COVID-19 spread amongst office building workers. We have 34 years of experience in the air cleaning industry, and we are humbled to be able to use our expertise in the field to strongly recommend ActivePure products to our clients, as it is the only active solution in this time of crisis.”

Rather than passively waiting for pathogens in the air to make their way to filtration systems, ActivePure Technology directly and actively targets pathogens in the air and on surfaces, releasing ActivePure Molecules into the air 24/7 and effectively inactivating contaminants.

ActivePure is proud to offer solutions that bring countries an added layer of protection against the coronavirus and many other scientifically relevant pathogens.

“Our technology helps give employees and customers confidence when returning to work, school and play,” said Joe Urso, chairman and CEO of ActivePure. “We are thrilled to expand our presence in Indonesia. We will continue to improve and innovate technology with the mission of bettering the environmental health of our international partners and their customers.”

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Privately held ActivePure has been the global leader in active, 24/7 surface and air disinfection systems for healthcare and educational institutions, commercial and public facilities, hospitality and residential applications since 1924. Patented ActivePure Technology has been proven in independent university and laboratory testing to effectively control and neutralize indoor contaminants. It is the only product in its class recognized by the Space Foundation as Certified Space Technology and inducted in the Space Foundation Hall of Fame. The ActivePure Medical Guardian is registered and cleared as an FDA Class II Medical Device. ActivePure was developed for use in space exploration and has since evolved for use in commercial and consumer products used to reduce exposure to pathogens, including RNA and DNA viruses, bacteria, fungi and molds, by up to 99.9% in the air and on surfaces. For more information, please visit, or call 888-217-4316.

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