Industry experts launch Accessio to Help Companies Serve the Massive Accessible Travel Market

Dedicated Consultancy Focuses on Accessible Travel Programs, Products and Services to Fulfill DEI Mission, Profitably.

 An estimated 26% of Americans (and over 1 Billion people worldwide) live with some form of disability*. Among them, a growing number of travelers demand a greater awareness of their needs. Companies in the travel industry are particularly sensitive to the purchasing power of the aging Baby-boomers and GenX segments. But while many companies have strong corporate DEI initiatives to serve this population, their actual programs, products and services have often lagged.

Accessio helps them close that gap.

Accessio is a partnership between Laurent Roffé, a leading operator of accessible travel programs, and Mitch Gross, a recognized travel distribution and technology leader. Each has decades of hands-on experience developing, delivering and marketing travel products.

Accessible Travel Facts

61M    Americans with some form of physical limitations

22M    US Baby-boomers have mobility limitations

65M    Aging US Gen Xers have increasing needs

$56B  US Accessible Travel Market

3+      Average group size
“It’s a perfect storm – but this time in a good way,” according to Accessio partner Mitch Gross. “Corporate leaders are focusing on accessibility as an important part of their Diversity, Equity and Inclusion efforts, the segment is large, growing and profitable, and technology has made it easier, faster and less expensive to bring great solutions to market. It’s a true opportunity to do well by doing good, as long as companies deliver to the very unique needs and culture of this special audience.”

“Accessible travel has been my mission for over a decade,” says Laurent Roffé, Accessio’s other founding partner. “I witnessed (and pushed) the evolution of the market from a niche segment to a significant force in the industry. After serving thousands of inbound and outbound travelers across dozens of destinations worldwide, something is now very clear: it is time for accessibility to become mainstream.”

Virtually all companies can benefit, from leisure and corporate agencies to lodging, cruise, tour, air and experience providers to technology developers. Accessio guides them through the nuances and opportunities, leading to more effective solutions and speedier time to market. Services range from business planning to product development to go-to-market programs.

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About Accessio

Accessio helps companies create extraordinary accessible travel programs, products and services to complete their DEI and ESG missions. We are completely dedicated to travel accessibility and bring a unique combination of accessible travel and travel distribution and technology expertise to our client companies. Through a rigorous and transparent process, we review their current position, assess their potential, devise and implement customized strategies and result-oriented solutions with strong financial results.

* Sources: CDC, World Bank


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