Innovative New Scheduling Voice Assistant, VoCall, Named Allscripts® App Of The Month For April 2021

VoCall is a scheduling Voice Assistant for medical practices that uses natural language voice processing technology so patients can easily manage their appointments over the phone.

Magic Medical Solutions, parent company of VoCall, is pleased to announce that its scheduling voice assistant software, VoCall, has been selected as the Allscripts App of the Month for April 2021. “As medical practitioners ourselves, we set out to build a one-of-a-kind solution that solves one of the more difficult operational problems that medical practices face. VoCall integrates with Allscripts® Practice Management to match a patient’s appointment preference with the physician’s availability,” explained Paul Cox, Founder and CEO of Magic Medical Solutions.

VoCall is an innovative scheduling voice assistant designed specifically for healthcare practices.

VoCall is an innovative scheduling voice assistant designed specifically for healthcare practices. Using natural language processing technology, VoCall allows patients to easily manage their own appointments by phone – saving time and improving the overall experience for patients, providers, and practice employees.

“Sixty-five percent of all patients prefer to schedule appointments by phone and based on our research, it takes a scheduler, on average, 4 to 6 minutes to change an appointment. This can erode the patient experience and takes valuable time away from the staff,” said Paul.

He continued, “VoCall is capable of handling the vast majority of these types of calls to a typical medical practice and makes it easier for patients to change, confirm, or cancel their appointments over the phone. This leads to improved operational efficiency and resource allocation, true cost savings, business continuity, and enhanced patient engagement.”

Improving the way scheduling is handled creates a significant business opportunity for medical practices of all sizes. Today, using voice technology, such as Alexa and Siri, is natural, intuitive, and easily accessible and can often be more convenient than logging on to an online portal.

Paul continues, “Without a smart technology solution in place to improve scheduling management, medical practices are wasting valuable time and resources that could be spent doing more important and productive tasks. In essence, VoCall helps practices deliver a better overall experience for the staff, physicians, and patients.”

VoCall is the only voice scheduling assistant using natural language technology that integrates with Allscripts Practice Management to fully automate the patient scheduling workflow. The software solution has been tested and certified by the Allscripts Developer Program team.

The VoCall team will be hosting a webinar on Thursday, April 29, 2021 at 1:00 EDT to share more information on how voice technology can be used to improve a medical practice’s operations. In addition to a demonstration of how the software works, attendees will be joined by current users who will share their experience with VoCall and the impact it has had on their practice.

Allscripts clients who are interested in a powerful new way to streamline scheduling, increase operational efficiency, and improve overall patient engagement are encouraged to register for the App of the Month webinar. Additional information about what VoCall has to offer can be found on the Allscripts Application Store or on the VoCall website.

About VoCall
VoCall is scheduling voice assistant software for medical practices that uses natural language voice processing technology to allow patients to easily call and manage their own appointments. The product was designed and built by Magic Medical Solutions, a healthcare technology company dedicated to transforming physician practice management by blending cutting-edge technology with smart business practices.

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