Introducing HYPER REAL: Japan’s Exciting New Indie Game Label Unveils Three Captivating Titles

Sankei Digital launches HYPER REAL, a new indie game label dedicated to showcasing edgy and unique titles from Japan and Asia. Their three captivating games are set to debut at "BitSummit Let's Go!!" in Kyoto, Japan's premier indie game conference, from July 14 to 16.

Sankei Digital, a Japanese media company, is pleased to announce the launch of a new indie game label, “HYPER REAL.” Additionally, we will be showcasing the lineup of games at our booth during the “BitSummit Let’s Go!!” event, taking place from July 14 (Friday) to 16 (Sunday) in Kyoto, Japan.



“The end of all worlds is coming soon.” In a classroom bathed in the setting sun, a girl declares that the world is nearing its end. The only means of survival is to destroy the “Dying worlds” that exist parallel to this world. Two girls fight for their own existence in a world on the brink of destruction. A loop-based action-adventure in which the player’s actions determine everything.

[Release Date: To be announced]
Trailer: Link to Trailer
Steam Store Page: Link to Steam Store

Aojuji Hospital: Tokyo Eidolic Anatomy Division

A Japanese horror novel adventure set in 1999 Japan. The protagonist becomes involved with the enigmatic organization “Aojuji Hospital” after certain incidents and encounters gruesome events caused by anomalies. Anxieties overflowing from a hell kiln, incidents caused by urban legends, folklore and blood curses—investigate the bodies of the incidents through “anatomy” and uncover the truth!

[Release planned for 2024 on Steam/Nintendo Switch]
Trailer: Link to Trailer
Steam Store Page: Link to Steam Store

Dome-King Cabbage

A surreal and psychedelic visual novel set in the world of a monster-raising RPG. Grappling with their ability to perceive reality through an RPG lens, Mash, the protagonist, navigates their way to a job interview for the enigmatic title of “Dome-King.” Dome-King Cabbage is a vibrant collection of psychedelic visuals, warbled beats, and colorful stories that connect in a harmonious way because of this singular vision.

[Release Date: To be announced]
Steam Store Page: Link to Steam Store


From Japan to the world. A new game label that goes beyond “play” with cross-culture. HYPER REAL expands video games’ possibilities in reality.

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