Introducing the Hottest New and Awe-Inspiring Podcast, Health Facts

The podcast series is hosted on the wildly popular YUR HEALTH NETWORK.

The host of Health Facts, Ms. Normanie McKenzie Ricks, is pleased to announce her brand-new and already trending podcast which is now available on the renowned YUR HEALTH NETWORK.

YUR HEALTH NETWORK features original TV shows, movies, documentaries, live shows, talk shows, and interviews on everything from diabetes, weight loss, cooking shows, exercise, cosmetic surgery, mental health, and more. The platform likes to call itself the ‘Netflix of Health and Wellness’ and was created out of a need for content that focused on health – utilizing some of the biggest names in the HOPE space through featuring thought provokers, innovators, and disruptors.

Recently, YUR HEALTH NETWORK added a hot new podcast series to its roster – Health Facts with Normanie Ricks.

Host Normanie Ricks, who has spent nearly 15 years in the healthcare industry, is an Occupational Therapist who has “seen it all.” From working with the Wounded Warriors as an active-duty Lieutenant, to working with babies with congenital brain tumors, and boasting an undergraduate degree in Health Promotion, she admittedly never thought that she would use this degree. But, through this new platform she is hoping to reach the masses and change the world – one episode at a time.

“I am so incredibly passionate about my new podcast and look forward to meeting new friends, exploring challenging topics, and finding truth,” Normanie says. “I invite anyone interested in health and wellness to tune in to see discussions ranging from sports psychology, mental health, the “impossible meat” frenzy, and environmental hazards in and around our children. I may be a new kid on the block, but I’ll be rattling some cages. Hold onto your hats – you’ll need it.”

For more information, or to watch the podcast, please click here.

About Ms. Normanie McKenzie Ricks

Normanie Ricks is a TV Show Host, Author, Occupational Therapist, Entrepreneur, and Missionary from Marietta, Georgia. She attended the University of Alabama at Birmingham where she obtained degrees in Health Promotion and Occupational Therapy, attended UCLA for a degree in non-profit management, and has a wide range of clinical, business, and operational experience that makes her an reputable health guru in her own right.

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