Introducing Toutt – Time Tracking & Invoicing Made Easy for Independent Contractors

Customer poll shows independent contractors save more than 12 hours per month using Toutt

Toutt is an easy-to-use, all-in-one time tracking and invoicing software for independent contractors (ICs) that is available today at Toutt is meticulously designed to not only allow ICs to perform their back office work such as time tracking, tax payment tracking, client information management and invoicing, but to also greatly minimize the time and effort it takes to do so. By making back office tasks quick, easy, and flexible, Toutt helps independent contractors from a broad range of industries spend less time and effort on administrative tasks and more time on billable project work.

Toutt’s key features include a client and project information management module, time tracking in both calendar and list views, numerous customizable invoicing format options, tax payment tracking, business expense tracking, and more. Developed by and in collaboration with real independent contractors, Toutt’s user interface is clean, fast, and highly intuitive, allowing users to navigate and perform functions quickly with minimal distractions. Internal research with ICs across multiple industries found that 60% of users saved 12 or more hours per month tracking and invoicing their projects with Toutt.

“I founded Toutt because I was frustrated with all the work I needed to do to adequately manage my consulting business. I just wanted everything to be quick and easy, so I could focus my time and energy on meeting my clients’ needs,” said Rebecca Batterson, Founder & CEO, Toutt. “It just didn’t make sense to spend a significant amount of time on tedious tasks that don’t generate income. My vision for a solution was an all-in-one, ‘super’ user-friendly, and streamlined software application, but no existing platform met my needs – so I created it!”

In 2023, Toutt will roll out multiple new features, such as payment integration, status reporting, and the ability to save customized invoice templates.

“I switched to Toutt after years with Quickbooks, and it was a great decision,” said Dave K., Toutt customer. “For an independent contractor like myself with about 20 clients, Toutt has everything I’ve been looking for. From time tracking, to easy invoicing, to recording expenses and tax payments, Toutt handles it all, saving me a large amount of time.”

About Toutt

Toutt is an all-in-one time tracking, invoicing, client information management, business expense, and tax payment tracking software platform for ICs that’s also easy to use and offers straightforward solutions to all their back office needs. Independent contractors can now manage their business in a very streamlined fashion, saving time, effort, and money within just one platform. For more information and to start your free trial, visit

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