Italian Dog Names new website for dog lovers

For those wanting to find the right Italian name and Italian breed of dog great new website:

As a lover of everything Italian I thought it would be great to have an Italian dog breed when we were looking for a new dog, and of course, a classy Italian name to match as well.  Searching as you do for the right information was interesting, to say the least, and although the names Pizza or Lasagne could, of course, be classed as Italian does it really qualify to be put on a website suggesting it’s an Italian name for a dog.  That’s the issue sometimes as good as the information is that you can find on the internet there really is lots of Bs to sift through.

Thankfully there is a website that is genuinely 100% Italian dog names, some of them are unusual but there are full explanations and the of the meaning ( true meanings and some you really wouldn’t want to use once you know the true meaning).
The combination of Italian Dog Names is just over 200 and has some great original not just different but deep meaning Italian names. Of course, there are the usual ones such as Bella mentioned one of the most popular dog names (most common) akin to the modern-day Lassie.

Now the dog names described and featured on the website is the primary function and aim to inform you and enlighten you to a much broader name search. However, there is much more on the website itself that would be of interest to anyone looking to buy a new dog or name a new dog. The section on Italian dog breeds whilst informative of the main breeds available it doesn’t go into depth on the lesser-known breeds, possibly because the stand out Italian breeds are so popular and the others have very little interest.

The Italian Greyhound is a sleek and sought-after breed and can often be seen with many a celeb such as Kylie Jenner and the like. The Italian greyhound is also a breed that is following the trend of cross-breeding with other breeds of dog for example the Italian greyhound chihuahua mix is really starting to gain popularity and price, which is the usual sign of increasing popularity.

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