Iwami Company Ventures Into Products For Pet Feeding

Iwami has gone a notch to diversify its product portfolio with the latest launch of a new product line in pet care. 

The new move is in line with the firm’s marketing strategy, which is focused on increasing visibility and opening its products to the American market. 

The Japanese-based company, which is well known for products locally produced in Japan using original and authentic materials, has added raised pet bowls for feeding dogs to its product portfolio. 

The bowl comes with a wooden stand feeder made from a cedar tree, which has a pleasant smell that adds an aroma to the meal served to the animals. 

Most importantly, the bowl and stand are handmade with a natural texture and can be bought as a gift to the dog to mark its special days, such as its birthday. 

To prevent the pet from tipping over when eating, one is advised to put something that can be secured in the cavity under the stand.

 When it gets wet, it’s advisable to wipe off the water as soon as possible. Given that it is a handmade product, there may be traces of the work process and the pressed flowers may discolor over time. 

In bizen ware, the wood-burning firing process brings out the natural colors and tones of the clay with no applied glazes.

In Japan, the ceramic bottle is called “tokkuri” and is used to hold sake. It can also be used as a flower vase because of its design. The bowl is the perfect size to hold food for dogs and cats. 

Notably, there are varying sizes, as all pieces are handmade. Firing high-quality clay slowly for a long time makes Bizen pottery. 

The colors of the ceramics can be custom-made to match one’s house utensils, thus giving a uniform feel not only for house products but also those used by animals.  

However, it is sensitive to heat and can be damaged by sudden temperature changes. Thus, one is advised to avoid using microwaves and ovens. 

The raised pet bowl can be found on the company’s Amazon listing at an affordable price of $399.00 and can be exported to the rest of the world. 

Notably, Keystone has been a leader in the Japanese market when it comes to wood products and has been touted as one of the most preferred producers of wood products. 

With the approach taken, the company is likely to go global with different exports from its product portfolio.

Photo: Raised Pet Bowl for Dog

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