Japanese Cloths Manufacturer Venture US Market With Arimatsu Shibori Towels

Renowned Japanese-based clothes manufacturer Kumagai Co. Ltd has ventured into the American market with traditional Arimatsu Shibori towels. 

In the recent past, the company has been at the forefront of promoting Japanese products to international markets to sell the new products in the USA. 

According to the company, the decision to produce the traditional Shibori towels was arrived after intensive market research, revealing a gap for traditional Japanese products in America. 

In a quick move to tap into the opportunity, the firm settled on the Arimatsu Shibori towels made from 100% authentic cotton and using a century-old dyeing technique. 

Top in the list of the new products is the traditional style towel Arimatsu Shibori made from organic cotton and comes in four different colors. 

The Shibori dyeing technique involves folding and binding fabric to resist-dye it in intricate patterns. 

“Tenugui” are traditional Japanese cotton towels that have been a staple of the Japanese home since the 9th century.

Arimatsu Narumi Shibori is a tie-dye fabric produced in Nagoya, Aichi prefecture, where many of the tie-dye products in Japan are produced.


The tie-dye products are designated as a traditional national craft. “Arimatsu Shibori” is also referred to as Arimatsu Shibori or Narumi Shibori, whose art is known for the contrast in shading created when the fabric is tied and the distinctive texture of the pattern.

The multi-purpose cloth is used daily as a hand towel, dishcloth, and washcloth. They make great statement pieces such as napkins, place mats, or table runners and are usually worn as a neckerchief or headband.

Top in the list of the new products is the traditional style towel Arimatsu Shibori made from organic cotton and comes in four different colors. 

It hangs elegantly on the walls, providing beautiful decoration, and can serve as the perfect reusable gift wrap.

Tie-dye products have a unique flavor that can only be achieved by hand. The product is available in five colors. 

It is well suited for gifting friends, family members, and colleagues on birthdays, Valentine’s Day, Father’s Day, Christmas, New Year’s Day, Halloween, and New Year’s Eve.

About Kumagai Co. Ltd. 

Arimatsu Town in Japan is famous for Japanese tie-dying, called ” Arimatsu Shibori”. We have been involved in producing tie-dye products in the Arimatsu and Narumi areas of Nagoya City for over 30 years. To make tie-dye products, we cannot spare any effort. It takes a long time to learn one technique. I believe that the resulting it has a unique flavor that can only be created by hand, and I hope that many people will come to know the advantages of handwork. 

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