Japanese Company Floods US Market With Traditional Foods.

Japan’s top food exporter, Hakushukuya, has taken its market higher after launching new products targeting the US market. 

The latest product is also in line with the company’s 2022 marketing goals. The organization plans to venture into the international markets and increase the visibility of Japanese products in the global market. 

The company’s move was arrived at after a thorough market research exercise carried out by the company’s marketing team in collaboration with external market researchers. 

The latest products that were recently launched include the Hakusyukuya Samgyetang herbal kit, which is used for cooking chicken soup. 

The Samgyetang is an exceptional food that has been used in Korea for centuries as medicine. The kit is a simple combination of most ingredients that one will need to make authentic Samgyetang. 

The raw materials include wolfberry, which is well known for blood circulation and immune function regulation, the jujube known for eliminating swelling, anemia, and constipation, ginseng known for recovery from fatigue, mung beans with detoxification effects. 

Others are chestnut for improvement of immune function deterioration, glutinous brown rice, and sun-dried salt, which is rich in iron and potassium. 

To prepare the meat, one needs 600 g of chicken meat that family and friends can enjoy, as they will experience a great flavor of Korea in no time. 

It is a healthy and delicious dish that is recommended not only for nourishing tonics but also for those interested in beauty and health.

Photo: Samgyetang Herbal Kit

The second product that has hit the market from Hakushukuya is the almond jujube roll that is best taken when one is very busy for its energy-boosting abilities. 

Almond is described as a health nut, which puts almonds into the center of dried jujube without seeds—then sliced them thickly.

It is rich in iron, potassium, vitamins, and other nutrients essential for beauty and health. The sweetness of this snack will give much satisfaction even to children and pregnant women. 

Most importantly the raw materials are grown in natural soil with minimal chemicals, hence safe for human consumption without any side effect. 

Usually, the National Agricultural Cooperative Federation and other specialized companies, which only produce raw materials meeting the company’s standards, supply Hakushukuya with jujube.

Photo: Almond jujube roll

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