Japanese Company Launches New Stationery Products in USA Market

Renowned Japanese-based Company, Marui Techno, has launched a new stationary product line specifically designed for the US market. 

The firm arrived at the decision following a series of deliberations on the need to venture into the US market to increase its customer base and expand it to an international scale.

The new products, which are manufactured using original and authentic materials from Japan, are now available on the company’s Amazon listing and can be shipped to the rest of the world. 

Top in the list of new products is the 15cm bookmark ruler with a unique metallic sheen of brass and is durable, symbolizing its relationship as timeless, dazzling and impressive as this bookmark. 

Gold bookmarks are ideal gifts for friends, family, colleagues, and those about to graduate, get promoted, or leave their jobs.

The overall length of the bookmark is comfortable to handle and works well with most books. In addition, the bookmark is integrally pressed by a high-precision mold, with a good surface and precise scale. It has a smooth, rounded edge and can be used with confidence.

The bookmark has a part, which makes it more refined and more convenient for one to locate the marked page in use quickly. In addition, bookmarks can also be used as rulers to help you quickly measure the length of some items.

Photo: Bookmark Ruler Made of Brass

Second on the list is the triangular straight measure ruler, which is also made of brass and measures a maximum of 15 cm. 

It features three sides with different scales; one can calculate dimension and perspective for plans and other blueprints without struggling with the guesswork.

It can be used widely by technical artists, architects, engineers, plan drawers, hobbyists, modelers, drafters, graphic designers, and students.

Photo: Triangular straight measure ruler

Third, in the list of new products that have been launched in the US market is the brass compact tape dispenser with a sharp cutting edge for the sellotape. 

The tape dispenser can be used effectively for gift-wrapping with high-quality blades, making it easy to cut the tape quickly and cleanly. 

The dispenser comes with a tightly fixed plate extension where one can put the tape and can be removed easily and exchanged without any struggle. 

The cutting edge is designed to bend to avoid direct contact with the body, which may cause harm, as the blade is sharp. 

Photo: Brass compact tape dispenser

The other item that have been added in the company’s new collection of things is the 16cm wooden measure ruler that both learners and field practitioners can use. 

It’s a double-sided measuring ruler, the centimeter scale is on one side of the ruler, and the inch scale is on the other. It is convenient for you to change the size and meet measurement needs.

The ruler is made of high-quality wood, sturdy and durable, and easy to use. It is a relatively good measuring tool.

Photo: 16cm wooden measure ruler

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