Japan’s Ichikokuya US Market With New Kimono Style Clothes

Renowned Japanese clothes manufacturer Ichikokuya has gone on a charm offensive in the American market with its list of newly produced kimono-style clothes. 

The company hopes to take over the American market with kimono-style clothes, which have for long been associated with the Japanese. 

The move is in line with the company’s 2022 strategic plan in which the firm hopes to go global with the products currently shipped through its Amazon listing. 

In the latest venture, the company went for a kimono-style ninja pajama set made of 100% cotton. 

The pajamas are made of traditional Japanese fabric “Kameda-jima”, a beautiful stripe, weaving carefully and becoming flexible to wearing it.

The Japanese summer style Jinbei also found its way in designing the pajamas as the top has three-quarter sleeves and one pocket. The bottom has under-the-knee pants and two pockets.

The Japanese style Samue also had its say as the top has long sleeves and one pocket. The bottom has long pants and two pockets.

Photo: ICHIKOKUYA Samue Clothes

Second, in the company’s list of new products is the ninja pajamas set which is similar to the one described above except for the shorts instead of long pants. 

The pajamas are flexible and thick to provide enough warmth to the body while at the same time providing flexibility and looseness that is desired when one is asleep.  

The shirt is made of cotton and linen blended fabric, which is comfortable, cool and durable, suitable for spring, summer and autumn/fall. 

It can be a perfect gift for family, friends and colleagues on birthdays, Valentine’s Day, Father’s Day, Christmas, New Year’s Day, Halloween and New Year’s Eve.

Japanese-style short kimono comes with a drawstring tie at the front, solid color and simple design. It has won the favor of the public with its fashionable style. 

Photo: ICHIKOKUYA Jinbei Clothes

The third product from the top clothes manufacturer in Japan is the travel cosmetic pouch that comes with edo strips made of 100% Cotton. 

It is made of Japanese traditional fabric “Kameda-jima” with beautiful stripes and weaved carefully, giving it a taste of fashion and durability. 

It comes in 11.4 x 8.3 x 0.2 inch with an extended tie closure, making it the most secure and appropriate for carrying a range of cosmetic wares while traveling. 

Photo: ICHIKOKUYA Japanese Drawstring Pouch with Edo Strips

About Company

Initially, our business was engaged in the clothes dyeing industry. The most difficult color to dye in this business is the black kimono used for mourning clothes. How deep the color of black can be dyed, is where the dyeing craftsmen show their skill. At the time of its founding, the company was named “Ichikokuya”, which has the meaning of #1 Black, from the desire to aim to be the best shop that dyes the best black color. Although Ichikokuya has shifted from dyeing business to kimono retail business, our spirit at the time of its founding has never changed.

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