Japan’s Ido-Tatamiten Unveils New SETTA Products In USA

Ido-Tatamiten is a renowned company when it comes to foot comfort. The SETTA brand has taken over the world by storm with its exquisite designs. 

In its latest move, the company has focused on offering new products to meet the needs of their customers in the USA. 

Top in the list of the new product line is the inoca SETTA Japanese Tatami SETTA Sandals for men that come in a traditional look, with the seta made from Igusa, rush grass. 

The inoca SETTA dedicates its origin from the encounter between the tatami mat of the “Kishu rush” raised by the company. 

The sandals go through the resilient hands of the Nara craftsmen who have amassed age-old experiences in cutting a niche for itself in a massively evolving mainstream fashion industry.

The bottom of the SETTA pair of sandals is made of synthetic rubber for easier use, feeling chic to wear with the heel slightly sticking out.

The main raw material in the flip-flops is the “Igusa,” a material that is functional with a sensible ring of values that evoke a healing aroma.

The sandals stir a comeback of the Japanese tatami mat sandals, aiming to blend into the endlessly dynamic modern lifestyle.

The flip-flops come in three colors: Raven X Madder Red, Golden Yellow X Purple, Wine Red X Purple, and Peony Red X Purple

Photo: The Raven X Madder Red-colored inoca SETTA MEN

Photo: The Golden Yellow X Purple-colored inoca SETTA WOMEN

They have a slightly raised heel and rubber sole to help elevate the wearer from the ground and protect the hem of the clothes.

The feet will be able to breathe and receive some fresh air as one strolls around.

Photo: The Wine Red X Purple-colored inoca SETTA WOMEN

Photo: The Peony Red X Purple-colored inoca SETTA MEN

Another product is the UNISEX Card case with “Igusa Rush” in a hook and loop weaving technique.

The card case has been handwoven by expert craftsmen focusing on “Made in Japan.”  The color and shape perfectly fit on the hand, with the weaving texture increasing grip; hence, holding the case is enjoyable. 

It comes decorated with a charming round purple button with piping on the “inoca CASE” which depicts a classical design that brings a nostalgic attraction.

The card case can be used as an ID card and credit card carrier, and the user has the liberty to use it the way they want. 

The inoca card case is spacious and helps keep cards organized, clean and within reach when needed. 

The case also helps create a customized style with the look leaving a lasting first impression. 

Photo: The Deep Green X Purple-colored inoca CASE

In 2021, the company’s products were featured in the New York art expo where the company featured under its Kishu rush project. 

The products were carefully made by craftsmen known to various people of different cultures and races through their exhibition.  

Photo: inoca Settas 2021 exhibition at New York arts expo

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